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AVIC Tianshui New & High Abrasives Co., Ltd
[ Gansu, China (Mainland) ]

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iAbrasive AD

Straight Diamond Cup Wheel

Product Details

Gansu, China (Mainland)


Synthetic Diamond

60mm (2-1/2'')

Straight Cup




Payment & Shipping Terms

Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai

15-30 days

L/C, T/T

Detailed Product Description

1. Application

Straight Diamond Cup Wheel is mainly used for grinding carbide, ceramics, CVD, PCD, metal matrix composites. It can also be used for grinding hardened steel, tool steels and superalloys; manufacture and repair of cutting tools; cylindrical grinding; automotive powertrain components; bearings; aircraft engine and power turbine components.

2. Specifications

Diamond Grinding Wheel

Resin bonding agent

Vitrified bonding agent







3. Characteristics

(1) All products have high grinding efficiency, small grinding force, low grinding temperature, etc.;

(2) With professional team, all products are of high quality;

(3) Products can be customized according to customer's requirements.

Straight Diamond Cup Wheel

4. Advantages

(1) We have a strict quality inspection system to ensure the products' quality and safety;

(2) We can supply mounted flap wheel of any sizes and meet customers' various demands;

(3) We also have a perfect after-sale service system.

5. The Operation of Abrasive Products


1.    Before start the machinealways ensure various protective devices of machine tools and reset switch of various actions are adjusted in position.

2.    Using protective cover, always ensure that it covers at least half the diameter of the grinding wheel.

3.    Before starting to use the new installation of grinding wheel which has been dressed, always ensure grinding wheel idles for one minute at operating speed with the guard of protective cover.

4.    When grinding, always wear safety goggles or other similar safety supplies.

5.    Dressing or using grinding wheel, always touch lightly.

6.    When necessary, always dress grinding wheel.

7.    Before grinding wheel stop running, always close cooling fluid to avoid grinding wheel unbalance.


1.    Use grinding wheel at an speed which exceeds the highest limit speed.

2.    Start machine tool without protective cover.

3.    Stand directly in the face of machine tools after starting machine.

4.    Force workpieces into grinding wheelwhich lead to grinding pressure and feed are excessive.

5.    Force grinding which lead to machine motor slow down obviously or workpieces burning hot.

6.    Put stationary grinding wheel in liquid.

7.    Impose external forces on grinding wheel to make it stop running.

8.    Continue to use grinding wheel without dress which surface has glazed.

9.    Make grinding wheel used in other operations which are incompatible with their design.

10.  Operator works without safety education and related certificates.

We sincerely wish to enter into long-lasting cooperation relationship with every new and old customer.

Flaring Diamond Cup Wheel

Flaring Diamond Cup Wheel


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