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An Interview with Zhengzhou Anhua: Looking Around the World

iAbrasive had an interview with Zhengzhou Anhua Abrasive Co., Ltd. in June, 2014. Established in 1995, the company covers over 4 million square meters and owns fixed assets of more than 50,000,000 Yuan.

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Tang Baojun, the general manager of Anhua

Interviewee: Tang Baojun 
Position: General Manager  
Company: Zhengzhou Anhua Abrasive Co., Ltd.
Site on iAbrasive:

Located in Mazhai Industrial Park, Erqi District, Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou Anhua Abrasive Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. The company covers over 4 million square meters and owns fixed assets of more than 50,000,000 Yuan. There are 200 employees working for the company. In 2009, the company output value hit 60,000,000 Yuan. Its product ranges from bonded abrasives, coated abrasives to superhard materials, including resin grinding wheel, ceramic grinding wheel, PVA sponge polishing wheel, flap disc, diamond saw blade and more than one hundred types of products, which have been sold to Japan, Korea, America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and more than thirty countries and regions. Zhengzhou Anhua Abrasive Co., Ltd. has become an emerging force in abrasives industry.

iAbrasive had an interview with Anhua in June, 2014. The orderly workshops were located in quite factory; the neat road and fresh air gave people a feeling of relaxation and harmony. Anhua welcomed us with its special charm that fascinated visitors all over the world.

Tang Baojun, the general manager of Anhua, was talkative and friendly. He talked about Anhua's experience from quality, brand, market, service, talents, culture, innovation and various aspects. We pondered deeply over his inspiring words to grasp the core factor of Anhua's success.

Bring Forth the New Through the Old

China material industry is low-end without uniformed industry standard, which leaves abrasive products at sixes and sevens. Some companies pursue for profit without considering product quality and brand management, while Anhua can't agree. Anhua has been focused on brand management at the beginning to make "Anhua" an influential brand.

A brand is not simply a signal for company, product or service, it is a reflection of a company's comprehensive power and intangible assets. After China joining in WTO, multi-national enterprises and renowned brands swarmed into China, competition turned fierce. Actually, companies compete for brands. Therefore, protect brands and develop brand marketing is a priority. Only by enhancing brand establishment, protection and promotion, can companies go further.

Rooted in China, Looking Around the World

Product positioning has a great influence on company direction and scale. So companies have to be very cautious when positioning its product. At first,Anhua planed to develop foreign trade. However, with financial crisis coming along in 2008 and market economy bagan to shrink, Anhua was badly impacted. Tang repositioned the company's strategic objective and developing direction. Targeting at domestic sales, Anhua planned to do business in China to compete for foreign brands. To achieve the goal, Anhua has been striving hard towards overseas famous brand.

Quality & Integrity first

"A reliable brand means good quality and effective promotion." When it comes to how did Anhua build up company brand, Tang said, "Brand is based on actual products and intangible service. While we produce qualified products, Anhua has complete after-sales service to solve problems for customers and created added value. This is where our biggest advantage lies." Besides, promotion channels are indispensible. Anhua's sales network spreads in seventeen places to promote. The result is impressive: customers regard Ahhua as an inexpensive and comfortable brand.

Enhance Innovation & Improve Quality

Anhua is famous for its full range of products and various specifications. Customers can buy what they want at a time. However, Tang has some concerns that in this way, Anhua will not be able to devoted to a type of product. In order to solve this problem, Anhua went in another direction in 2010 by devoted to resin abrasives and strengthen productive force on coated abrasives. The company invested 2000,000 Yuan to brought in Germany advanced automatic equipment and built up assembly line. It also set up a scientific center to improve product technological content.

Cooperation & Co-development

At the final part, Tang said sincerely, "Three abrasives associations are in Zhengzhou, a region where national abrasives industry gather. I hope that the three abrasives associations can jointly invest to build a national abrasive wholesale market to provide more opportunities for abrasives manufacturers. Abrasive association journals shall be assigned to as many clients and downstream companies as possible to develop and grow stronger."



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