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After verification, your company profile and products will get more visibility, you can meet more buyers, and close more deals quicker than before!

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Verified Members are suppliers who have been verified by Verified Membership of iAbrasive is free and open for all registered suppliers if only the company and contact information are real and authenticated.
In the virtual e-commerce marketplace, buyers' top priority concern is the authenticity of suppliers. Honesty, sincerity and trustworthiness are what iAbrasive value most during E-commerce trading. We believes a "real name culture" creates more accountability and a safer and more trusted online business environment.
The verification service is currently available for all registered members whose email addresses have been verified in for FREE.
All you need is to provide us with valid information about your company and contact information, and we'll take care of the verification. For personal privacy issues concerned, we will protect your privacy and safety.
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After all required information is submitted, verification takes about 3 working days to complete.