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2016-05-30 06:26:36|

Low Diamond Sales Partly Blamed for Contraction in Mining Sector

The drastic contraction of 12 percent in the country’s mining industry up to the third quarter of 2015 has been attributed to a sharp decline in diamonds and copper-nickel production and sales.

2016-05-27 06:13:18|

Diamonds Closer to Becoming Ideal Semiconductors

Along with being a "girl's best friend," diamonds also have remarkable properties that could make them ideal semiconductors. This is welcome news for electronics.

2016-05-26 06:23:19|

New Method for Doping Single Crystals of Diamond

Diamonds also have remarkable properties that could make them near-ideal semiconductors. This is welcome news for electronics; semiconductors are needed to meet the rising demand for more efficient electronics that deliver and convert power.

2016-05-25 06:33:47|

UAE Imported $12.4b Worth of Rough Diamonds and Re-exported $13.2b

The UAE diamond trade has consolidated its position as one of the leading hubs globally by recording a total value of $25.6 billion in rough diamond trade in 2015, Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, UAE Minister of Economy, said on Tuesday.

2016-05-25 06:26:15|

Quantum Feedback in Synthetic Diamond

The concept of quantum superposition is fragile but could be achievable using feedback control in synthetic diamonds, thanks to work by researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Their efforts could be an important step...

2016-05-24 06:55:21|

Diamond Sellers Fight 'Cultured' and Other Labels for Synthetic Stones

Sellers of synthetic diamonds must label them as "lab-grown" or "lab-created." But marketers of these gems have launched a campaign to allow them to describe their merchandise as "cultured" diamonds..

2016-05-24 06:43:49|

Usage of Diamond Powder and Paste in Industries

There are numerous advantages of diamond tools as diamond is considered as superhard material. Diamond powder deposited by electroplating which is utilized to create files and in small grinding applications.

2016-05-23 05:44:12|

Import & Export Market Analysis of Super Abrasives

It is very difficult to make it clear because there are too many kinds of super abrasives. Therefore, the actual export situation is hard to figure out, but it is certainly much more than $1 billion.

2016-05-20 06:44:59|

Materials Researchers Develop New Technique to Deposit Diamond on CBN Surface

Materials researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a new technique to deposit diamond on the surface of cubic boron nitride (c-BN), integrating the two materials into a single crystalline structure.

2016-05-20 06:22:15|

Current Development Situation of Synthetic Diamond

Henan Polytechnic University’s research institution on superhard material successfully synthesizes 2 carat and 8.2 mm high quality yellow diamond. This sample is the largest synthetic diamond single crystal in size and weight on the mainland.

2016-05-18 05:40:40|

813 Carats!63 Million Dollars!The World's Most Expensive Diamond

According to foreign media reports, Nemesis International DMCC bought a diamond that has not yet been processed at the price of $63 million. This diamond becomes the world's most expensive diamond.

2016-05-17 06:37:28|

Lucapa Unveils $7M Investment in Lulo Mine

The Lulo mine has produced big rough diamonds such as a 404-carat, type-IIa, D-color stone, the largest in Angolan history. The gem was sold in its rough form for $16 million, or $39,580 per carat.

2016-05-13 10:13:35|

Problems and Countermeasures in Milling-grinding Process of Diamond Tools

In the process of using diamond tools, all sorts of problems often appear, which affect the rate of finished products and processing efficiency. There is a great influence on the production cost and product performance.

2016-05-10 06:55:44|

Diamonds: New Standards for Responsibly Sourced, Artisanal Stones

The Diamond Development Initiative(DDI) has launched the Maedeleo Diamond Standards. MDS is aimed at ensuring respect for human rights, the environment and community well-being.

2016-05-10 06:44:58|

eBay Recognizes Potential of Diamond Sector

Israel Diamond Exchange President Yoram Dvash has spoken about the potential of marketing diamonds on eBay during a seminar to provide eBay course graduates with extra tools for marketing diamonds on the global sales site.

2016-05-09 05:55:56|

A Contest Between Natural Diamond and Synthetic Diamond in 2016

Natural diamond and synthetic diamond have provoked a stir in the public opinion, which also means that the contest between natural diamond and synthetic diamond has quietly began in 2016.

2016-05-04 05:51:30|

Market Development Prospects of Diamond Polishing Pads

In recent years, the development of diamond polishing pads is relatively fast, which makes many dealers involved in the field of diamond polishing pads. What are the market development prospects of diamond polishing pads?

2016-05-03 05:40:32|

Development Directions of Diamond Tools in Optical Glass Processing

Diamond tools suppliers, such as Yuzhou Hehui Superabrasives Co.,ltd., Beijing Dongmao Glass Machinery and Tools Co., Ltd., and CIPIE(Henan)Import and Export Trade Co.,LTD., not only supply great quality diamond tools, but also offer professional service

2016-04-29 06:47:18|

Subdued Global Diamond Demand A Cause for Concern

Diamonds, after all, are far from a necessity. And with other segments (electronics, luxury holidays to name just two) now also satisfying the aspirational demand that long drove the diamond industry, the going has got far more difficult.

2016-04-28 01:08:08|

3D-Printed Rhino Horns, Like Synthetic Diamonds, Will Expand the Black Market

Like diamonds, rhino horns can be a very big deal. In Vietnam as well as in China, the horns are status symbols among society's wealthy elite, carved into items such as jewelry, chopsticks, and cups and displayed proudly, a public fuck-you to the law.

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