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2017-01-12 06:30:04|

Floor Pads: Padding Towards the Future

Floor pads quite literally cover a whole spectrum of products. There are black pads for stripping, green pads for scrubbing, red pads for buffing and many more colors and grades designed for specific tasks in between.

2017-01-12 02:18:05|

Diamond Semiconductor Substrates Market Growth

One of the major factors for this segment will be the rising usage of diamonds in sectors such as electronics, healthcare and construction among others. The other factors boosting the market are low cost of synthetic diamond as compared to natural diamond

2017-01-09 02:26:44|

Swiss Company Turns Ashes into Diamonds

Thanks to a Swiss company, which turns human ashes into diamonds, bereaved persons can now better honor their loved ones memory by having their ashes converted into beautiful diamonds.

2017-01-05 07:04:47|

Diamonds To Replace GPS? Scientists Believe The Gems Can Very Soon Predict Locations!

If scientists are to be believed, synthetic diamonds can one day render global positioning systems redundant and also make driverless cars a reality. If that doesn't make diamonds everybody's best friend, we don't know what will!

2017-01-04 07:19:07|

E6's Diamond Sculptors Push the Envelope From Lasers to the Quantum Realm

‘Let’s be as creative as we can’, ” says Walter Hühn, chief executive of Element Six. He is describing how the company, based on a technology park near Didcot, encourages its workforce to come up with the best new uses for synthetic diamonds.

2017-01-04 07:07:12|

Synthetic Diamonds Could One Day Replace - GPS and Make Driverless Cars a Reality

A team at Element Six, a tech company based in Oxfordshire, are exploring the remarkable properties of crystals with a so-called ‘nitrogen vacancy defect’ - a gap in the atomic lattice at the heart of the diamond.

2017-01-03 07:52:16|

Diamonds Might Power the Next Generation of Quantum Computing

Scientists have developed a way to mass-produce tiny diamond crystals shaped like needles and threads, which may power next generation of quantum computing.

2016-12-30 07:27:54|

Diamonds Are Technologists' Best Friends

Researchers from the Lomonosov Moscow State University have grown needle- and thread-like diamonds and studied their useful properties

2016-12-29 07:28:22|

Moissanite Market is Anticipated to Increase to US$ 48.84 Million by 2025

Moissanite is a lab-created gemstone that is generally perceived as a diamond substitute by consumers. Moissanite is composed of silicon carbide and is created through a thermal process that is patented by Charles & Colvard Ltd.

2016-12-27 07:54:33|

New Research Reveals the Origins of Giant Diamonds

The findings of Evan Smith, were recently published in “Science” . According to Smith’s research, these extra large diamonds were created from metal, using patches of liquid iron and gas located near Earth’s core.

2016-12-27 07:40:13|

10 Myths About Diamonds You Should Know

You wouldn’t necessarily have assumed this to be the case, but myths associated with diamonds are actually quite prevalent. Here are 10 of the most common...

2016-12-26 07:00:22|

Rise of Synthetic Diamonds Not a Worry to Local Jewelers

Every Christmas, Jeff Hurwitz surprises his wife with a different piece of jewelry from his store, Colonial Jewelers. His favorite gift to her was a natural diamond necklace he gave her on New Year’s Eve 1999, when everyone was talking about Y2K.

2016-12-23 06:33:02|

A $57.5 Million Diamond, and More Exquisite Holiday Jewels for the Person Who Has Everything

Delage suggested the most extravagant blue diamond in the world, "The Oppenheumer Blue" diamond, a 14.62 carat, Fancy Vivid blue emerald cut diamond from a De Beers mine valued at $57.5 million (although this diamond has since been sold

2016-12-22 07:41:54|

Jewelers Wary of Synthetic Diamonds in the Supply Chain

Technology has allowed man-made diamonds to become so similar to mined diamonds that the stones are finding their way into the market, for better or worse, with some budget-conscious shoppers requesting them as a cheaper alternative.

2016-12-22 07:27:00|

Questions&Answers: Diamond in Quantum Applications

Element Six has been working with a team led by Ronald Hanson at the Delft University of Technology, which has demonstrated some amazing fundamental science using our diamond.

2016-12-20 06:51:45|

Lonsdaleite Breakthrough: Researchers Create Ultra-hard Hexagonal Diamond in Lab Environment

Australian researchers have discovered how to make a special kind of diamond that is harder than the regular variety — and otherwise only found where meteorites have hit the Earth.

2016-12-20 06:40:46|

Scientists Have Made a Diamond Harder Than Diamond

Scientists have been gradually improving on that toughness over the past few years, and now a team of Australian researchers has just created a rare type of diamond that's even harder than diamond.

2016-12-19 06:35:28|

India’s Demonetization Dampened Sales for the World’s Biggest Diamond Producer

De Beers,the world’s largest diamond supplier,reports that business has slowed since the Indian government pulled R500- and Rs1,000-denomination notes out of circulation.It’s another unintended effect of the demonetization,which is meant to weed out count

2016-12-16 07:32:38|

Local Jewelers Do Not Stock Lab-created Diamonds

Technology has allowed man-made diamonds to become so similar to mined diamonds that they’re working their way into the jewelry market, for better or worse, with some budget-conscious shoppers requesting them as a cheaper alternative.

2016-12-15 08:42:34|

World’s Toughest Synthetic Diamond Created by Australian National University Researchers

The Australian Researchers have created a type of diamond that is the toughest known to mankind till date. The Australian National University has created Lonsdaleite that is tough enough to cut through the other solid materials found on earth.

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