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2015-06-26 09:20:01 UTC|

Cooled Market in Japan and Flourishing Demand in China for Diamond

This article introduces the cooled market in Japan and flourishing demand in China for diamond.

2015-06-19 07:24:30 UTC|

Introduction and Application of Diamond Saw Blade

This article talks about the introduction and application of diamond saw blade and its great suppliers at iAbrasive.

2015-06-19 07:10:08 UTC|

New field of Temperature Detection Created by Diamond Probe

This multi-functional micro diamond probe can be used to measure the thermal fluctuation of materials in order to better understand the thermoelectric effect and friction phenomenon, etc.

2015-06-18 09:51:50 UTC|

Combination of Nano Diamond and Graphene: Super Lubricant

This article introduces the combination products of graphene and nano diamond, which can thoroughly solve the problem of friction of mechanical system to achieve the super lubricity of zero friction.

2015-06-16 08:30:23 UTC|

Effects and Improvement of Diamond Grinding Wheel

The article introduces the effects and improvement of diamond grinding wheel.

2015-06-12 08:34:59 UTC|

The Introduction of Synthetic Diamond

Synthetic diamond is widely used in abrasives, cutting and polishing tools and heat dissipation, which has been seen as the most hard abrasive in the processing industry

2015-06-11 09:41:17 UTC|

Energy Consumption Standard Seminar of Corundum and Mullite Held in Kaifeng

People present at the meeting gave the standards certain scientific nature, the feasibility and applicability in principle and will give opinions and related information to the director Qiu of Standard Institute for further comment after the meeting.

2015-06-10 08:40:50 UTC|

Processing Methods of Electroplated Diamond Grinding Wheels

It is necessary to learn about several methods of regulating the concentration of diamond on the working surface of electroplated diamond grinding wheels.

2015-06-09 08:57:54 UTC|

CVD Diamond: Super New Materials for Dissipating Heat

As a new advanced thermal management solutions, it is especially suitable for RF power amplifier and has been proved to reduce the overall package thermal resistance, whose performance has more than other commonly used materials at present.

2015-06-06 09:41:06 UTC|

How to Improve Mechanical Strength of Diamond Grinding Wheel

2015-06-05 09:23:09 UTC|

Apple Suppliers Looking to Raise $6 Billion for Sapphire and 3D Glass

The main customers of Lens Technology are Apple, Samsung and other well-known companies, whose sapphire glass has been widely applied in the camera, Home button and Apple Watch screen of Apple iPhones.

2015-06-04 07:25:20 UTC|

Development and Application of Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheels

In summary, We have known the advantage of grinding wheels, and also can predict that prospects of grinding wheels.

2015-06-01 09:07:25 UTC|

Causes of Generating Cracks in Diamond Grinding Wheel and Methods to Improve

On the whole, if you want to make diamond grinding wheel generate cracks as less as possible, please try to make sure the whole grinding wheel is an average workload.

2015-05-26 08:50:30 UTC|

New Prospect for China's Synthetic Diamond in Emerging Industry

With the improvement in synthetic diamond technology, diamond tools and synthetic diamond have found their application in new materials, new techniques, and new equipment.

2015-05-22 07:15:24 UTC|

Glass Edge Grinding Can Not Without Diamond Cup Wheel

From now on, the research and application of new advanced and efficient cutting tools will be one of the improvement directions of mechanical processing.

2015-05-21 06:50:18 UTC|

Diamonds Last Forever? No, Laser can Cut

UV laser has already showed the ability to cut diamonds by atomic decomposition, and the breakthrough technology has great influence on quantum computers and other diamond science and technology field.

2015-05-18 07:23:39 UTC|

Progress Made in Cubic Boron Nitride Synthesis from Tianjin University and Hebei University of Technology

The research has achieved great breakthrough and got the support from NSFC ( Natural Science Foundation of China ).

2015-05-15 06:58:01 UTC|

Diamond Tools to Replace Traditional Tools with Great Space

The alternative space of diamond tools is huge: diamond tools belong to emerging industries, which still have a lot space in the replacement of traditional tools.

2015-05-14 06:38:39 UTC|

The Prospects of Diamond Grinding Wheels on Ceramic Tile Application

At present, diamond grinding wheels are widely used in glass and ceramic tile industry, which makes these products' cost reduced with higher efficiency.

2015-05-13 07:35:51 UTC|

Superhard Industry Products Statistics and Imports and Exports Situation in 2014

The superhard materials and products industry in China have a large number of outstanding scientific and technological personnel. We will achieve the great goal of superhard material power firstly as long as we make unremitting efforts!

2015-05-12 06:58:13 UTC|

The Overall Demand of Synthetic Diamond Market to Grow Steadily

The production layout has been moving towards to multi-polarization, and Asia will become the "hot spots" of synthetic diamond industry in the new century.

2015-05-09 08:12:36 UTC|

Henan Synthetic Diamond Micro Powder Inspection Center is Approved

Reporters learned yesterday that Henan Synthetic Diamond Micro Powder Inspection Center located in Shangqiu had passed review of representatives from Henan Bureau of Quality Supervision.