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2016-10-21 05:57:13|

China Won Anti-dumping Cases Including Diamond Saw Blade

On Wednesday (local time), World Trade Organization (WTO) released its examination report from expert group in Dispute Settlement Body, supporting China's major claims and judging that the U.S. 13 anti-dumping measures violate WTO rules.

2016-10-19 06:29:19|

India Likely to Sign Diamonds Deal With Russia

India could soon put in place regulations to end the role of intermediaries in the import of rough diamonds from Russia that would expand bilateral trade and boost this lucrative industry which involves hundreds of traders and workers.

2016-10-18 06:07:41|

Here's How Scientists Grow Perfect Diamonds in the Lab

Synthetic diamonds are marketed as a solution to customers who are turned off by natural diamonds, all while providing pristine product — and typically priced at 15% to 30% less than similar, naturally forged stones.

2016-10-17 05:49:34|

CVD Synthetic Diamond Over Five Carats Identified by GIA

The GIA said that it recently tested a Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)-grown synthetic diamond that weighed more than five carats, marking a significant milestone.

2016-10-14 05:45:56|

US Jewelry Council to Host Roundtable on Synthetic Diamond Disclosure

The United States Jewelry Council (USJC) will host a jewelry industry summit on the most important consumer confidence issue of the day – undisclosed lab-grown diamonds.

2016-10-12 06:07:08|

Situation Analysis on Development Prospect of Diamond Saw Blades

Diamond circular saw blade, being taken seriously by industry experts and entrepreneurs, is most widely used in stone material processing and professional development and production units, some of which have reached the international advanced level.

2016-10-11 07:08:51|

Dharmanandan Research Centre Launching J-Secure Machine

Following the success of its D-Secure machine, a highly accurate instrument for identifying synthetic diamonds, the Dharmanandan Research Centre (DRC Techno) is launching the J-Secure.

2016-10-09 07:07:02|

WFDB to “Proactively Address” Issue of Declining Trade Financing

At its meeting in London last week, the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) Executive Committee discussed the problems of finance for the diamond industry - particularly small and medium enterprises, Gem Konnect reports.

2016-09-29 06:54:04|

Blockchain Tracks Gems Globally for Everledger

A firm that records the global movement of diamonds adopts blockchain tech to get a complete view of the transactional layers of the industry and specific gems.

2016-09-28 06:27:01|

Man-made Diamonds Are Now Better Than Mined. Here's Why

The machines and processes used to make man-made diamonds have become more refined in recent years, finally able to simulate the extreme pressure and temperatures deep within the Earth’s core that created organic diamonds over billions of years.

2016-09-27 06:36:29|

Introductions for Diamond and Diamond Cutting Tools

The cutting edge of diamond cutting tool is very sharp, and the edge roughness is quite small. It also has low friction coefficient, and is not easy to produce built-up edge when cutting, with high machining surface quality.

2016-09-24 06:35:30|

Russian Diamond Mining Giant Invents Synthetic Diamond Detection Machine

Amid growing concern of the undisclosed mixing of lab-grown diamonds in natural diamond parcles around the world, the market is flooded with the synthetic diamond detection equipment.

2016-09-21 06:51:44|

Diamonds Offer Brilliant Solution to Growing Graphene

Diamonds are a graphene manufacturer’s best friend, at least according to new research that shows using a synthetic diamond material can create graphene with fewer impurities at a reduced cost.

2016-09-19 06:18:17|

The Applications of Nano Diamond in the Field of Spacecraft

Meteorites and orbital debris have devastating damage for spacecraft and satellites,but it can greatly reduce the damage in the collision by using lightweight flexible materials.Carbon nanotubes are the best choice of the development of this new material.

2016-09-14 08:01:35|

'Cannot Lose': While There Are Risks, Top-of-the-range Diamonds Can be Highly Profitable for Investors

Diamonds make you feel good. They’re up there with chocolates and Champagne. Investing in diamonds has a powerful psychological edge over your tech start-up company shares or natural gas futures beause they are so desirable on such a personal level.

2016-09-14 07:45:12|

Synthetic Diamonds and Consumer Confidence: Same Story, Same Rules!

Increased consumer advertising of synthetic diamonds is clearly apparent, not only in print, but also on Facebook and other digital media. And the marketing message targeting millennials that is delivered by sellers of synthetic diamonds.

2016-09-10 06:32:44|

Superhard Material Market: Drivers, Challenges, Historical and Current Sizes 2015 to 2021

A superhard material is a material with a hardness level exceeding 40 gigapascals. Superhard materials are highly incompressible solids with high electron density and high bond covalency.

2016-09-09 06:48:41|

Lucapa Finds Another Massive Diamond at Lulo, Biggest Pink Yet

The coloured stone is the largest “fancy” pink diamond recovered to date from Lulo, surpassing the 28.5-carat, said the company, which sold it earlier this week as part of a parcel of other rocks for a total of $5.8 million.

2016-09-09 06:37:07|

Canada's Newest Diamond Mine to Give Economy C$6.7 Bn Boost

The new mine, set to open officially later this month, it is expected to produce approximately 54 million carats of rough diamonds over its lifetime, reinforcing Canada’s position as the world’s third-largest diamond producer by value.

2016-09-07 06:28:24|

Man-made Diamonds: An Investor’s Best Friend?

Man-made diamonds are becoming increasingly identical to those that are naturally sourced. Do they have what it takes to disrupt the $80 billion global diamond industry?

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