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2016-07-21 06:39:01|

Bridgmanite Sample Found to Remain Stable at Lower Mantle Conditions

A diverse team of researchers with members from Germany, France, Russia and the U.S. has subjected a sample of bridgmanite to conditions believed to be present at Earth's lower mantle and has found that it remained stable.

2016-07-21 06:31:28|

Electron 'Spin Control' of Levitated Nanodiamonds Could Bring Advances in Sensors, Quantum Information Processing

Researchers have demonstrated how to control the "electron spin" of a nanodiamond while it is levitated with lasers in a vacuum, an advance that could find applications in quantum information processing..

2016-07-20 06:08:46|

Uncertainty Caused Haphazard Diamond Mining—Official

Anxiety over security of tenure forced diamond mining companies to haphazardly exploit gems in Marange, according to a former senior official at a newly established consolidated government outfit.

2016-07-20 05:56:09|

Coupling Agent's Influence on Grinding Performance of Diamond Resin Grinding Wheel

Resin-based diamond grinding wheel has good self-sharpening, high grinding efficiency and other advantages, so it is widely used for grinding ceramics, glasses, cemented carbide and other hard brittle materials.

2016-07-19 06:29:40|

Two Canadian Diamond Projects to See First Production This Quarter

Canada has two diamond projects that are expected to start first production during the current quarter, as De Beers Canada’s Gahcho Kué project, in the Northwest Territories.

2016-07-18 06:26:22|

Stanchart Closes Diamond Financing Unit on Risk Fears

STANDARD Chartered (Stanchart) is exiting its $2bn diamond financing business because it does not comply with stricter lending standards set by CEO Bill Winters.

2016-07-18 06:19:58|

Diamond Industry Throws Off Secrecy to Woo Distrustful Generation

The diamond industry has cleaned up its act and is more transparent than ever before, senior executives have claimed, ahead of the launch of a new marketing campaign targeting young consumers.

2016-07-18 06:10:37|

Global Market Size of Diamond Tools More Than $20 Billion

The global market size of diamond tools has been more than $20 billion. The unit prices of synthetic diamond products are decreasing, but the scale of the industry as a whole is still maintaining high-speed growth.

2016-07-15 06:25:51|

Big Read: Diamond Dream Lives on Against the Odds in Canada

On the semi-frozen surface of Faraday Lake in Canada's subarctic, two diamond rigs are drilling around the clock. It's spring breakup north of the 63rd parallel, which means the Kennady Diamonds exploration team is running out of time.

2016-07-15 06:19:26|

Future CPU Processor May Use Synthetic Diamonds in Force

These synthetic diamonds are specially designed, which not only keep the characteristics of natural diamond, but also have the ability of filtering electronics. The most important of all is that the cost of synthetic diamond can be controlled.

2016-07-14 06:48:39|

Leonardo DiCaprio Has a Diamond Proposal for You

DiCaprio's tweet last November announcing his "proud" investment in a company "reducing human and environmental toll by sustainably culturing diamonds" alerted the planet to the little-known start-up co-founded in 2012

2016-07-14 06:20:29|

Hohhot's Diamond Wire Saw Project Completed Examination and Approval

At present, diamond wire saw technology has been widespread used in Japan, more than 90% of users, and in Europe and the United States, there are more than 20% of users.

2016-07-12 06:24:45|

Diamond Coupled to Carbon Nanotube Could be Used for Quantum Information Processing

By carefully placing a tiny piece of diamond within a few nanometers of a carbon nanotube, and then sending an electric current through the nanotube, researchers have designed a device that could form the building blocks of quantum information processing

2016-07-12 06:16:11|

'Nano Scalpel' Allows Structuring of Samples with Nanometre Precision

A new "nano scalpel" enables scientists at DESY to prepare samples or materials with nanometre precision while following the process with a scanning electron microscope.

2016-07-12 05:59:15|

Scientists Obtained 1 Micron Diamond, Cheaper Than Natural Diamond

According to Russia's "Satellite" News Network on July 7, the magazine Siberia Science, reported that Russian scholars had obtained 1 micron synthetic diamond under laboratory conditions.

2016-07-11 06:20:44|

Diamond Company Launches US$2m Luxury Culinary Experience

Diamond shopping just got a serious upgrade, following the launch of what is allegedly the world’s most expensive culinary experience by one precious gemstone company.

2016-07-07 06:46:08|

Dominion Diamond to Go Ahead with Ekati Expansion

Mr. Bell said relatively stable demand from U.S.consumers provides the market with a firm base,despite weakness in China. “We feel we’re at a stable place right now. Historically,growth in diamond prices has gone pretty much in line with U.S.GDP growth.

2016-07-07 06:41:50|

Ultra-thin Slices of Diamonds Reveal Geological Processes

By using ultra-thin slices of diamonds, Dorrit E. Jacob and her colleagues from the Macquarie University in Australia and the University of Sydney found the first direct evidence for the formation of diamonds by a process known as redox freezing.

2016-07-07 06:14:40|

Development Situation of Synthetic Diamond Industry in China

As the synthetic diamond production technology matures and the output constantly improves, the prices of diamond products present the long-term downward trend, which pushes its replacement for traditional hard material tools.

2016-07-06 06:10:36|

Brilliant Hard Drive Quality With Magnetic Field Sensors Made of Diamond

Researchers plan to position these nitrogen vacancy centers, which are sensitive to magnetic fields, in diamond platelets in order to visualize the distribution of magnetic moments.

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