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2016-02-02 09:49:20|

Environmental Protection in Production Process of Diamond Micro-powder

In the production process of diamond micro-powder, there is an acid and alkali treatment for raw materials and products, which will emit harmful gases and waste water that will harm operators and pollute the environment.

2016-02-01 09:31:19|

Synthetic Diamond May Destroy Diamond Market in Future

In the long run, the lab can produce zirconia that is the inevitable result of the development of science and technology. Synthetic diamond will cause certain impact on natural diamond market.

2016-01-29 09:02:16|

Applications and Synthesis Methods of Cubic Boron Nitride

CBN crystal has sphalerite structure, good thermal stability and chemical stability. Its hardness is second only to diamond, and resistant to high temperature above 1000 ℃.

2016-01-28 09:21:36|

Quality Control of Diamond Micro-powder Particle Size

Quality control of diamond micro-powder particle size is an important link in the process of production, and there are many instruments that can be used.

2016-01-26 09:38:31|

Quality Factors and Quality Control of Diamond Micro-powder

How to evaluate the quality of diamond micro-powder? It is a common concern by diamond micro-powder manufacturers and users.

2016-01-23 09:47:27|

Modification of Nano Diamond & Research Progress in Catalytic Reaction

How to develop a kind of alternative green energy catalyst is a hotspot and key point of research in recent years. Nano diamond is a kind of sp3 hybridization non-metallic carbon materials.

2016-01-18 09:24:59|

Present Situation Analysis on Market Development of Diamond Micro-powder

It is a kind of ideal raw material for grinding cemented carbide, ceramics, gems, optical glass and other materials with high hardness. Under the weak economic environment, what is the development status of domestic diamond micro-powder industry?

2016-01-12 09:14:30|

Transparency is the Development Foundation of Synthetic Diamond

Many synthetic diamond manufacturers and companies have always regarded "Open and Transparent" as the objective of diamond sales and insurmountable bottom line.

2016-01-11 09:03:17|

Influence of Diamond Particle Size on Stone Sawing Machine

Diamond exposed on the surface of stone sawing machine will affect the cutting depth of each particle. That is to say, it influences the material removal rate of stone sawing machine.

2016-01-08 09:20:01|

Matters Needing Attention About Diamond Roller

As the forming method of diamond roller not only has a short finishing time, but also can trim out various modalities, keep good surface precision, and is convenient for finishing operation, whose using effect has gradually been recognized by people.

2016-01-05 09:27:50|

The Importance of Selecting Suitable Grinding Wheel

We should select different grinding wheels for different workpiece materials and different processing requirements. Even if it is the same workpiece material, the grinding ratio of different type grinding wheel may differ.

2016-01-04 09:21:13|

Applications Changing Trends of Diamond Micro-powder Industry

Diamond micro-powder is an ideal raw material for grinding cemented carbide, ceramics, gems, optical glass and other high hardness materials. What's the changing trends of its current applications?

2015-12-31 08:57:32|

Market Analysis of Cutting Tool Materials and CBN Cutting Tools

At present, the cutting tool materials on the market include cemented carbide cutting tool, ceramic cutting tool and cubic boron nitride (CBN)cutting tool, and manufacturers must understand their performances of the above three kinds of cutting tools.

2015-12-29 10:12:38|

Natural Diamond Sales Are not Optimistic: Only 2% Growth This Year

According to the latest research report from Bain & Company (Bain & Co.), the sale of natural diamond is not optimistic, the highest retail sale of diamond jewelry has rosen only 2% this year, which is lower than the growth of 4% last year.

2015-12-24 09:08:05|

Research Status of Diamond Circular Saw Blade in China

According to market research analysis, at present, common matrix diamond saw blade is still the most widely used in various engineering fields, but it still has many problems that affect the cost of saw blades and the improvement of cutting quality.

2015-12-23 09:02:12|

Natural Diamond Market Downturn, Industry Magnates Cut Back Production Again

Global staple commodity market still remains weak, and diamond market remains weak, too. Therefore, Debswana, a diamond mining giant in Botswana will close Damtshaa ore, and at the same time, the Orapa district #1 will also cut back the production..

2015-12-21 09:14:11|

Application Scope of Super Abrasive Grinding Wheels

Super abrasive grinding wheels include diamond grinding wheel and cubic boron nitride grinding wheel. They can be used in non-metal materials, all kinds of high hardness and high brittleness metal materials.

2015-12-18 08:59:32|

Methods and Advantages of Diamond Tools for Processing Stone Sphere

Aiming at the special-shaped processing problem of stone materials that many diamond tools suppliers are concerned about, we will give a simple introduction about methods and advantages of diamond tools for processing stone sphere.

2015-12-14 09:57:01|

Chinese Scholars Completed the World's First Quantum Computer With Diamond

According to the report from Russian media, on December 11, Chinese scholars completed the world's first quantum computer with a diamond. The computer can extract encoded information in less than a second...

2015-12-11 09:08:28|

LED Polymer Nano Diamond Technology Has Gained United States Patent

It is reported that the technology that European Carbodeon company combined the nano diamond particles synthesized by explosive detonation with the polymer of electronic products, LED lighting, etc., has gained the United States patent authorization.

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