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2015-02-27 07:25:46 UTC|

Synthetic Diamonds: Small Units in S'rashtra, N Gujarat under Scanner

Vitthal Mendapra, president, Bhavnagar Diamond Association (BDA) told TOI, "Bhavnagar is the trading centre for polished diamonds. We are trying to find out the links for synthetic diamonds, which has earned a bad name to Indian diamond industry."

2015-02-10 07:08:28 UTC|

Seminar on Synthetic Diamonds Unfolds in Varachha

In the wake of the rising issue of natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds being mixed and the non-disclosure of the same, The Surat Diamond Association and the Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council organised a seminar.

2015-02-02 03:16:02 UTC|

Nanodiamonds Pack An Anti-Cancer Punch

Nanodiamonds can turn existing drugs into a powerful tool against cancer stem cells in mice.

2015-01-28 08:25:37 UTC|

Progress in Resin Bond Diamond Grinding Wheels

Advanced cutting tools are one of the important factors to improve production efficiency of the manufacturing industry. Statistics indicate that advanced cutting tools can improve production efficiency substantially.

2015-01-25 02:46:44 UTC|

Price of Natural Diamond Continues to Rise

Statistics show that from the first half of last May to the present, China's sales revenue of natural diamond has hit ¥1,000,000,000, among which consumption of 2 carat and five carat diamond has risen by more than 40%.

2015-01-21 07:35:13 UTC|

Nano-crystalline Cemented Carbide Technology in China

Recently, Xiao Dongshan, academician of the Connecticut Branch of the U.S, Academy of Engineering will cooperate with a company in Hunan Province to tackle the problems in nano-crystalline cemented carbide technology.

2015-01-19 07:02:11 UTC|

Nano Diamond to Enhance Single Photon Emission

Purdue University in the U.S. released a research that attaches nano diamond with nitrogen-vacancy center to metamaterials made of TiN and AlxSc1-xN , and pumps by laser so as to enhance single photon emission of metamaterials.

2015-01-16 08:58:22 UTC|

Fangcheng Superhard Materials Park Focuses on Hard Alloy Project

In 2015, Fangcheng County depends on industrial agglomeration and superhard materials industrial park to develop five major industries - mechanized equipment, superhard materials, new energy, minerals and building materials, and agricultural products.

2015-01-16 07:55:13 UTC|

Laser Beam to Process PCBN Materials

PCBN (Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride) is the hardest substance that is second to diamond. Traditional processing techniques are difficult to deal with PCBN. A recent research designed a LBM (Laser Beam Machining) technique to deal with PCBN.

2015-01-06 08:31:21 UTC|

India's Polished Diamond Exports Increased 11%

India's polished diamond exports jumped 10.8 percent year on year to $1.559 billion, according to preliminary data from the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council. By volume, exports rose 41.8 percent to 2.59 million carats.

2014-12-15 09:12:11 UTC|

Diamond Cutters Approaching an Era of Disruption

Diamond manufacturers are entering an era of fierce competition as the looming decline in rough diamond supply is expected to place additional pressure on their already razor-thin profit margins.

2014-11-29 03:27:02 UTC|

Nanodiamond Field-emission Plug-and-play Solution for Microwave Electron Guns

A team of researchers from Euclid TechLabs and Argonne National Laboratory's Center for Nanoscale Materials have demonstrated a plug-and-play solution capable of operating in this high-electric-field environment with a high-quality electron beam.

2014-11-28 02:14:51 UTC|

China's Synthetic Diamond is Expected to Expand in Emerging Industry

China's synthetic diamond is market is expected to maintain development at a fast speed and witness its golden development period.

2014-11-11 08:42:04 UTC|

New Laser Pulse to Produce Nano Diamond

Purdue University in the U.S has recently published an research on Nature claiming that they have developed a new technology called confined-pulse laser deposition that can produce synthetic nano diamond on the graphite's surface.

2014-11-03 07:12:31 UTC|

Novosibirsk to Develop a Material as Hard as Diamond

Scholars of Novosibirsk have recently invented a unique superhard material with special structure natural diamond. The new invention of the specialists has increased the service life of cutting tools and drilling tools.

2014-10-27 02:57:43 UTC|

Element Six to Launch New Thermal Grade of CVD Diamond

Registered in Luxembourg, the synthetic diamond material company—Element Six (a subsidiary of the De Beers), has recently announced the development of a new thermal grade of diamond grown by chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

2014-10-25 08:20:40 UTC|

Nano Diamond to Improve Wear Resistance of Ni Plating

Nano diamond is diamond particles made by explosive method, the surface functions can help the particles have a positive charge so as to be coated with metal ions during electroplating process.

2014-10-18 03:55:28 UTC|

New CARS Nano Diamond Imaging Technology

Recently, British scientists have developed a new microscope technology that can be used in observing the nano diamond in living cells. The technology is of great significance to medical research and clinic treatment.

2014-10-16 07:27:02 UTC|

Shanghai Jiaotong University Offers New Train of Thought for Nano Material

Recently, Professor Sunhong Shanghai Jiaotong University published a thesis that has offered a new train of thought for nano materials harder than diamond.

2014-10-11 01:52:20 UTC|

Industrial Diamonds Help Zhecheng Sparkle

Zhecheng county, in the eastern part of Henan province, is home to one of China's hubs for diamond powder production. In the 1980s the diamond powder business was dominated by family mills.

2014-10-10 08:27:18 UTC|

China Has Improved Support for Hard Alloy Cutter Export Rebate Standard

The production of hard alloy cutters is China's cutter future developing trend. The continual improvement in export rebate standard indicates the government's support for hard alloy cutter companies.

2014-09-28 09:11:22 UTC|

A New Member of Synthetic Monocrystalline Diamond—CVD Monocrystalline Diamond

With the effort of Japan Sumitomo and the Element Six, the Method of high temperature and high pressure to produce synthetic monocrystalline diamond has gradually replaced natural diamond in various application fields since 1990.

2014-09-19 02:07:29 UTC|

Diamond Saw Blade Applied in Stone Mining

Currently, the most commonly used mining method is saw cutting mining, which includes wire saws, chain saws, circular saws, etc. Wire saws are widely applied in the stone mining of granite, marble, sandstone, etc.

2014-09-11 01:36:28 UTC|

Russia's Diamond Import & Export Situation in the First Half of 2014

According to TASS, the Ministry of Finance of Russia revealed that Russia has exported 1,979 carat of diamond in the first half of 2014. The total value was $25 billion, which increased 8% compared with the same period last year.

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