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Get Best Quotes for High Quality Abrasive & Abrasives Products with iAbrasive

2014-12-15 01:24:58 UTC|

Purchasing industrial abrasives is now easier with the global platform of iAbrasive. Buyers can now gain access to a vast range of suppliers and abrasives, and receive immediate quotes.

Abrasives Industry Outlook

2014-11-28 03:37:15 UTC|

The abrasives industry outlook looks positive with a persistent growth and increasing demand in China, US, and other countries. There is an increase in worldwide abrasives demand.

Abrasives Used in the Metalworking Industry

2014-11-10 05:34:47 UTC|

In the metalworking industry abrasives are used mainly for precision final finishes. Belts, brushes, discs, wheels, and hand abrasives all play their own specialized roles, as do the accessories that support their use.

Use of Abrasives in the Woodworking Industry

2014-10-27 07:20:12 UTC|

The woodworking industry uses abrasives at all levels of manufacture, from initial product to fine finishing, painting, and polishing. All types of woods, both softwood and hardwood need abrasives to polish them up.

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