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High Speed CBN Grinding Wheel and Green Machining

2016-06-24 05:53:01|

Speeding up the development of all kinds of green processing technology, has an important significance for protecting the environment, saving energy and resources, realizing the modernization, green and sustainable development of manufacturing industry.

18th Indian Metal-Cutting Machine Tool Exhibition

2016-06-22 05:47:41|

2017 Indian Metal-Cutting Machine Tool Exhibition (IMTEX CUTTING 2017) will be held on January 26 - February 1.

Import and Export Situation Analysis of Coated Abrasives in 2015

2016-06-17 06:19:56|

The imports of coated abrasives has been less than the exports for for three years continuously. The export unit price grows to a certain extent, but the unit price of import products is still 2.6 times of the export unit price.

Global High Purity Alumina Will Reach $3.6 Billion in 2021

2016-06-14 05:49:20|

According to the report, the market value of global high purity alumina was $ 1.2 billion in 2014, whose compound annual growth rate was 6.9% in the forecast period, and it is expected to reach $3.6 billion by the end of 2021.