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Rise of the 3rd Generation Semiconductor Silicon Carbide Technology

2015-01-17 08:44:34 UTC|

The 3rd generation semiconductor material featured silicon carbide is rising rapidly thanks to its superior performance and have been widely used in photoelectric devices, power electronic devices.

Flap Discs to Guarantee Simultaneous Consumption of Substrates and Abrasives

2015-01-12 09:35:49 UTC|

Flap discs are made by attaching many pieces of abrasive cloth onto the substrate by overlapping them in fan-shaped. New arrange of abrasive cloth can maximize the cutting angle and guarantee simultaneous consumption of substrates and abrasives.

An Analysis on Abrasives Market in Southeast Asia

2014-12-25 03:47:59 UTC|

The article explains the characteristics and current situation of abrasives industry in southeast Asian regions, which is a huge potential market for China's abrasive companies.

Biggest Abrasive Suppliers in the World

2014-12-22 02:52:04 UTC|

Sometimes it's interesting for an abrasives supplier to know, not only their competition, but also who are considered the biggest suppliers of similar goods in the world. Many of these suppliers trade on

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