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New Application Fields and Development Prospects of Silicon Carbide

2016-09-12 06:18:27|

The technology trend of silicon carbide semiconductor instead of pure silicon semiconductor will push the rapid development of silicon carbide materials in the semiconductor and electronic industry in the future.

Current Development Characteristics in Coated Abrasives Industry

2016-09-03 06:11:42|

In recent years, coated abrasives have obtained rapid development, and are gradually replacing bonded abrasives in many fields, but it has not reached the product level of developed countries, with large development space in the future.

Problems to Be Solved in Silicon Carbide Market in China 2016

2016-08-25 06:12:50|

Domestic abrasives manufacturers must make constant efforts to develop their products and at the same time, they also need to consider the technology innovation and other problems to be solved.

Domestic Alumina Manufacturers' Production Status at Present

2016-08-16 06:36:43|

First, alumina manufacturers are increasingly depending on aluminum smelters and traders. Because it is influenced by steel, coal, glass and other industries in recent years, the development of non-aluminum industry is not stable.