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The Overall Market Development Situation of Silicon Carbide in China

2016-05-05 05:51:40|

At present, the market supply of silicon carbide is adequate in the northwest region, and there are no obvious signs for increasing demand. The sales of silicon carbide is more difficult this time,but this is also a headache problem for many manufacturers

Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development of Abrasives Industry

2016-04-26 03:50:43|

Strict environmental protection policy highlights the government determination to promote the adjustment of industrial structure upgrade. And abrasives industry that has been taken for energy intensive and highly polluting industry...

Ceramic Abrasive Sanding Belts Wiredrawing Materials Last Longer

2016-04-07 06:00:32|

Why ceramic abrasive sanding belt wiredrawing materials last longer? Let’s come and see the following introduction.PS: Good News! Our WeChat public platform is available! Enter iabrasives inside WeChat public platform, interacting with us at any time!

Six Major Factors Influencing Glass Grinding

2016-03-09 06:43:39|

A significant number of glass products needs cold working to reduce surface roughness, improve transparency and intensity before they become valuable. Glass cold working mainly contains two processes - grinding and polishing.