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Existing Problems and Development Direction of Abrasives Industry

2016-07-22 06:39:02|

Abrasives industry should be aware that solving severe overcapacity will bring the pain, a lot of enterprises to be eliminated in the process. But in the long run, it is necessary to control overcapacity contradictions and guide good investment direction.

China and South Korea Has Become the World's Production Base of Diamond Tools

2016-07-19 06:20:02|

At present, China and South Korea has become the world's production base of diamond tools, and European, American and other developed countries just have a small amount of high capacity.

Development Situation of Synthetic Diamond Industry in China

2016-07-07 06:14:40|

As the synthetic diamond production technology matures and the output constantly improves, the prices of diamond products present the long-term downward trend, which pushes its replacement for traditional hard material tools.

High Speed CBN Grinding Wheel and Green Machining

2016-06-24 05:53:01|

Speeding up the development of all kinds of green processing technology, has an important significance for protecting the environment, saving energy and resources, realizing the modernization, green and sustainable development of manufacturing industry.