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2017-12-27 08:23:22|

Alumina Prices Continue to Stay Low, No Strong Growth Driver for Aluminium in China

Spot alumina price in China has dropped from the year’s high of RMB 3730 per tonne in November first week to RMB 2881 per tonne today. Domestic alumina prices have also slipped to RMB 2850 per tonne today...

2017-12-26 01:58:39|

Aluminum Markets Got Dislocated, Alumina Prices Were Volatile in 2017

Higher alumina prices weren’t backed by a commensurate increase in aluminum prices (AA) (S32). As a result, we saw some dislocation in aluminum markets. Alumina as a percentage of aluminum rose to an all-time high. Notably, raw material...

2017-12-21 03:35:06|

Coated Abrasives Market 2017 Offers Lucrative Opportunities in Emerging Economies

Substantial spending on abrasives and grinding wheels in the metal working industry is also another protuberant factor compelling the market for Coated Abrasives; the spending on abrasives and grinding wheels in the metal working industry accounted for...

2017-12-20 03:06:11|

China Alumina Output Hit by Gas Shortage

A widening gas shortage has hurt some alumina producers in China's northern region which have shifted fuel to gas from coal this year, state-backed Chinese research firm Antaike said on Tuesday...

2017-12-18 03:11:21|

EGA Signs Alumina Supply Deal With Vietnam's Vinacomin

Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA), one of the world’s largest aluminium producers, has signed a three-year alumina supply agreement with Vietnamese state-owned miner Vinacomin as the UAE seeks to secure feedstock for its smelters...

2017-12-15 02:21:04|

Combination Wheels Boost Cutting, Grinding Productivity

Saint-Gobain Abrasives’ Norton Quantum3 (NQ3) line of depressed-center grinding wheels includes combination wheels designed for more efficient and faster cutting and grinding, resulting in increased productivity and longer wheel life...

2017-12-14 03:37:24|

Grinding Wheels Sales to Multiply with Many Countries Reinforcing Their Defense Sector

According to the latest market study released by Technavio, the global grinding wheel market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 5% during the forecast period...

2017-12-11 04:31:48|

Global Abrasives Market to Gain $12.1B by 2022

In pure dollar terms, the industry is expected to grow by more than $12.1 billion from 2017 through 2022. In a new report, Abrasive Materials, Products, Applications and Global grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.5% ...

2017-12-08 06:14:45|

China Shanxi Alumina Falls to Yuan 3,250/mt on Weak Aluminum

Chinese spot alumina prices fell further Wednesday as domestic metal prices continued to weaken. The Platts ex-works Shanxi daily spot alumina assessment dropped Yuan 50/mt ($7.60) to Yuan 3,250/mt in cash, compared with Yuan 3,300/mt Tuesday...

2017-12-06 02:24:56|

Five Common Reasons Manufacturers are Bonding with Industrial Tapes

Manufacturers are always looking for ways to keep ahead of the competition. And with advancements in bonding technologies, they’ve been able to explore new ways in doing just that. Industrial-grade, double-sided acrylic foam tapes such as 3M™ VHB™ Tapes..

2017-12-05 03:03:25|

Alumina Comes off Record Highs: The Impact on Alcoa

Historically, alumina has been priced as a percentage of LME (London Metals Exchange) aluminum prices. However, in the past few years, buyers and sellers have been turning to the API (alumina price index) for alumina’s individual price discovery...

2017-12-04 02:19:10|

China Shandong Details Aluminum Sector Winter Output Cuts

Shandong Province, North China, released a detailed list of alumina and aluminum producers intending to cut their output in the winter heating season from November 15, 2017, to March, 15, 2018...

2017-12-01 03:24:11|

China Ex-works Spot Alumina Drops Yuan 50/mt to Yuan 3,350/mt

"Prices are all over the place, depending on positions," a Henan-based smelter source said. "The market is still unstable; we're not buying spot now, we want to see how the ingot price moves first."...

2017-11-29 02:26:46|

Norton Abrasive Cutting & Grinding Wheels Now Available At Lowe's

The new display includes Norton Thin Wheels, Diamond Blades, Flap Discs, and Wire Brushes. The perfect selection of high quality, superior performance abrasives for cutting and grinding metal, steel, stainless, iron, and sheet metal...

2017-11-27 03:21:57|

Alpart to Ship First 35,000 Tonnes of Alumina on December 5

Alpart is scheduled to ship its first 35,000 tonnes of alumina on December 5, meeting a year-end deadline to export the product...

2017-11-23 06:40:08|

China Spot Alumina Slips Another Yuan 50/mt to Yuan 3,450/mt

The Platts China ex-works Shanxi daily spot alumina assessment lost more ground Wednesday, slipping another Yuan 50/mt ($7.50/mt) on the day to Yuan 3,450/mt ($520/mt) cash...

2017-11-23 06:21:45|

Shandong Shuts Down Hongqiao Group, China Shanshui Plants

Among the Shandong-based factories closed or with restricted production are the aluminum and aluminum oxide production lines of China Hongqiao, the world's leading aluminum product manufacturer, in the city of Binzhou...

2017-11-22 02:37:57|

Chinalco Cuts Alumina-Refining Capacity by 2 Million Metric Tons Through Next March

Based in Beijing, Aluminum Corporation of China (Chinalco), China’s sole alumina producer, is the world’s fourth-largest aluminium producer and second-largest alumina refiner. The firm has operations in over 20 countries and regions...

2017-11-20 06:27:10|

Flap Discs from PFERD Provide Superior Stock Removal, Service Life and Surface Finish

POLIFAN® PSF Z-TRIM flap discs feature a composite backing that can be trimmed to extend service life and reduce time consuming disc changes on a wide variety of steel and stainless steel (INOX) applications...

2017-11-17 06:48:52|

Abrasive Discs Remove Welding Marks in One Step

Saint-Gobain Abrasives will feature its Norton Rapid Prep XHD coarse and medium discs for stock removal and blending challenges. The extra heavy-duty non-woven discs can remove lines, splatter and discoloration from welding and blend surfaces in...

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