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An Analysis on Sic Micro Powder Market Situation

iAbrasive makes an analysis on silicon carbide powder market situation and its various applications. Environmental protection is an indispensable issue to be noticed for Sic micro powder companies.

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Silicon carbide powder

Silicon carbide powder is produced by a special equipment to ultrafine grinding. It is green and has a crystalline structure with high hardness and strong cutting force. The chemical property of Sic micro powder is stable and heat conductivity is pretty. The main types of Sic powder in China are black and green.

iAbrasive analysts say that since Sic micro powder is mainly applied in abrasive grains, there are special requirements on its classification: large particles are not allowed in micro powder. Usually Sic micro powder is used in 3-12 inch monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, gallium arsenide, quartz crystal wire electrode cutting. It is also used as processing materials of solar photovoltaic industry, semi-conductor industry and piezoelectric crystal industry.

Due to its stable chemical property, high heat conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, good wear-resisting property, Sic micro powder has various applications. It is an excellent deoxidizer when used in steel making. Sic micro powder can speed up steel making process and control chemical composition so as to improve steel quality. In addition, Sic micro powder is a kind of semi-conductor due to its pretty heat conductivity. The demand for Sic micro powder is extensive.

Photovoltaic (PV) industry is an important field of Sic micro powder. China predicts to raise PV capacity to 10GW and 50GW in 2020. The promising future of PV industry also brings benefits for its upstream industry--silicon carbide. However, existing Sic micro powder capacity excess has been an issue. How to improve productive efficiency as well as high added-value is a problem to be tackled.

iAbrasive suggests that Sic micro powder companies shall guarantee production and quality, meanwhile, they need to pay more attention to low carbon production, embark upon technology upgrading, production efficiency improvement and consumption reduction. Besides, recycling Sic waste material and protect production environment are indispensible.



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