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Biggest Abrasive Suppliers in the World

Sometimes it's interesting for an abrasives supplier to know, not only their competition, but also who are considered the biggest suppliers of similar goods in the world. Many of these suppliers trade on

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Sometimes it's interesting for an abrasives supplier to know, not only their competition, but also who are considered the biggest suppliers of similar goods in the world. Many of these suppliers trade on

Here is a list of many of the world's leaders, with a little information about each. All included on this list manufacture either abrasives or raw materials solely for the abrasives industry.

Abrasives Manufacturers


Saint Gobain - Founded in 1665, headquartered just outside of Paris, France.

Added abrasives and ceramics in 1986 to their existing product lines, then other construction materials. Manufactures all three types of abrasives: Bonded, coated, and diamond, under three brands: Norton, Winter, and Flexovit.

Products: 250,000+
Subsidiaries: 3 abrasives brands, distributors in 26 countries.
Employees: >16,000     Revenue: Abrasives revenue unknown 


TYROLIT - Established just after WWI, headquartered in Schwaz, Austria.

Was an original offshoot of the Swarovski-Crystal Factory. Company manufactures conventional and super-abrasive grinding wheels, cut-off wheels, diamond tools for the construction and stone industries, sawing tools, dressing tools, and coated abrasives. 

Products: 80,000+
Subsidiaries: 29 producing in 12 countries, distributors in more than 65 countries.
Employees: 4,655     Revenue: 562 million euros (2013)

Sait Abrasivi

Sait Abrasivi - Established in 1953, headquartered in Collegno near Turin, Italy.

Two factories in Italy produce cutting and grinding wheels, paper, cloth, and fiber-backed coated abrasives. 

Products: 90,000+
Subsidiaries: 6 in Europe and the Americas, 150 distributors worldwide. 
Employees: >200 in sales alone     Revenue: Unknown

Sia Abrasives Industries

Sia Abrasives Industries - Founded in 1867, headquartered in Frauenfeld, Switzerland.

First a chemical company, Sia now manufacturers five styles of abrasives: Bonded, coated, foam, non-woven, and micro-abrasives in different shapes, sizes, and grits. Exports more than 90% of its products.

Products: 2 brands - one for the trades, one for do-it-yourselfers
Subsidiaries: Producing in 17 countries, distributors in 40 countries. 
Employees: 1,250     Revenue: Unknown

Raw Materials

Winoa Group

Winoa Group - Founded in 1961, headquartered in Le Cheylas, France.

Produces steel abrasives and diamond cutting tools. World leader with 1/3 of the world market.

Production: Unknown
Subsidiaries: 13 plants on 4 continents, 240 distributors worldwide. 
Employees:  1,051    Revenue: Unknown

GMA Garnet Group

GMA Garnet Group - Founded in 1981, headquartered in Perth, Australia.

GMA is an integrated mining, recycling, and processing company of garnets for industrial abrasives. World's largest producer.

Production: 400,000 metric tons/year
Subsidiaries: 6 in major regions, distributors worldwide. 
Employees:  Unknown    Revenue: Unknown

domill abrasives

Domill Abrasives - Founded in 1989, headquartered in Luoyang, Henan, China.

Manufactures and processes all kinds of abrasive grains, including Brown Aluminum Oxide, Chrome-Alumina, Emery, Fused Silica, Mullite, Pink Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide, White Fused Alumina, Zirconia. Domill grains come in a variety of sizes and can be made with custom coatings or treatments.

Products: 50,000 tons/year in more than 10 production lines.
Subsidiaries: 3 all based in China, distributors in 80 countries. 
Employees: >400     Revenue: Unknown

Washington Mills

Washington Mills - Founded in 1868, headquartered in North Grafton, Massachusetts, USA.

Manufactures abrasive raw materials and electro-fused mineral grains. Offers custom coatings and treatments.

Products: 23+ manufactured grains in different grit sizes and strengths
Subsidiaries: 4 fusion and 7 grading plants worldwide 
Employees: 600   Revenue: Not available

Many of these world leaders advertise their products on the B2B abrasives portal,, or utilize it to purchase their own raw materials. In fact, abrasives suppliers and buyers of all types utilize this portal for trading all things abrasive - powders, pads, tools, machines, accessories, and more. To view more complete abrasive suppliers listing, click here.

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