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iAbrasive Team Sources Abrasives Buyers via Multiple Channels

In order to match abrasives buyers and manufacturers accurately, has set up a professional buyer service team to develop high quality buyers via multiple channels and keep track of the entire transaction process.

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In order to match abrasives buyers and manufacturers accurately, has set up a professional buyer service team whose main task is to develop high quality buyers through search engine optimization, press marketing, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, Google AdWords, etc.. What’s more, will help buyers find appropriate suppliers and keep track of the entire transaction process.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
In terms of websites development and optimization, iAbrasive has developed a professional technical team, which also cooperates with SearchBerg, one of the major SEO companies in America. iAbrasive has adopted a variety of ways, such as keyword analysis, meta tags optimization, brand promotion, etc., to generate better results for the keywords of abrasive products in English search engines.

2. Press Marketing
iAbrasive persists in publishing news on PR Web (a stable and authorized network news media ) including industry news & events, iAbrasive news & events, member company news and so on. Once the news was published successfully, there are hundreds of medium reprinting and disseminating it including Yohoo News, Google News, etc..

3. Content Marketing
As the professional and vertical webportal in the abrasives industry, iAbrasive has professional editors who are in charge of updating daily news and finding out the latest events of the industry. Meanwhile, the editors are great masters of abrasives knowledge, so they can always provide high-quality articles that are useful to abrasives dealers.

4. Email Marketing
iAbrasive sends abrasives information to overseas purchasers regularly. By providing constant and considerate services, iAbrasive has received a large number of buying requests from abrasives buyers. The buyer service team always tries their best to find high quality and proper Gold Member manufacturers on iAbrasive for its customers.

5. Social Media Marketing
The buyer service team also sources purchasers via SNS. iAbrasive communicates with potential purchasers online, replies to inquiries instantly and recommends reliable Gold Member suppliers to buyers as well.

6. Google AdWords
iAbrasive also tries best to increase the exposure rate of website platform brand and its members’ products by google adwords. In this way, iAbrasive has got the attention of a large number of abrasives buyers.

In a word, has gained the trust of a large amount of abrasives purchasers via multiple channels. When they need to purchase abrasives or related products, they will resort to at first. “Thank you very much for your kindly and thoughtful service. We are negotiating with the manufacturer.” says one abrasives buyer.

To ensure that purchasers can find satisfactory and match-making suppliers, sticks to tracking service for these purchasers regularly. However, by constant follow-up service and customers’ feedback, some purchasers still fail to find suitable suppliers for some reasons. In the face of this problem, iAbrasive team will write some articles about this part of purchasing information and publish them on its official website and blog. Please pay attention.

For abrasives manufacturers: if you have matched products or would like to know more about the above buying reqeusts, please feel free to contact with us. Gold Member of iAbrasive can directly get access to above information on “Latest Buying Request” of homepage.

For abrasives buyers: if you have not found satisfactory manufacturers or would like to look for new suppliers, please visit to browse what you need, or email to us directly, we will make business matchmaking for you.

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Author: Jiaojiao Ma
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