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Bonding Agent Applied in Polishing & Grinding

To help abrasives manufacturers produce more qualified polishing or grinding tools, iAbrasive shares with readers several experience.

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bonding agent applied in grinding and polishing materials

During the manufacturing of polishing and grinding tools, bonding agent serves as the indispensable part which can bond the substrate with the abrasive grains together to form a new solid. Therefore, the quality of a product has a close relationship with the choice and dosage of the bonding agent applied in making the product. To help abrasives manufacturers produce more qualified polishing & grinding tools, presently a leading abrasives online trading platform iAbrasive shares with readers several experience.

Generally, the bonding agent used in manufacturing grinding tool shares a slight difference with that used in polishing tool. The bonding materials applied in grinding tool will usually be epoxy resin glue or thermoplastic phenolic resin. While for polishing tool, thermoplastic phenolic resin or natural shellac resin mixed with proper solvent can be the best choice.

In addition, to achieve a better grinding or polishing performance and improve working efficiency, users should also have a complete understanding of the properties of the resin & glue. For instance, epoxy resin glue used in making grinding tools should be with low viscosity and good fluidity; while thermoplastic phenolic resin for making polishing tool should be suitable for cold molding processing.

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