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International Flap Discs Market Analysis in 2013 Given by

Report analyzed the international market situation of flap discs in 2013.

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Flap disc consists of a series of coated abrasive flaps bonded onto the top surface of a disc. This kind of product is able to expose new and sharp abrasive grains continuously as the flaps wear away, the result of which endows flap disc with the grinding and finishing capabilities simultaneously.

In 2013, the market consumption of flap discs in US and Germany totaled 620 million pieces and valued to 760 million dollars. The unit price would be $1.22 Dollars, 7.32 RMB if converted. A report also showed that the product sizes of 115mm, 125mm and 180mm sold the best. 

Generally, important economy development zones, such as North America, Europe, South America, China, South and Central Asia, consumed the most flap discs. Benefiting from a steady growth of GDP, China's flap discs had witnessed a rapid increase in the market share. 

I. Why flap discs are so popular in abrasives industry?

The favorable development of coated abrasives offers more choices for the sanding belts, which endows flap discs with:

**higher grinding effects

**low working noises compared with grinding wheels

**less damage to the surface of the workpieces

**longer lifespan compared with fiber discs

**reliable guarantee of workmen’s security 

II. Why flap discs in the overseas countries develop better?

As mentioned above, flap discs industry grows faster in developed countries. Factors contributing to this phenomenon can be explored as following:

**Overseas products are more professional, diversified and serialized. The most competitive producers of flap discs come from countries like Germany, Italy, US and Turkey, not China. During decades of development, they have formed their own brands in the international market competition.

**Continuously segment the market. Professional producers in these developed countries will keep studying the application trends and developing new ones to meet various demands, for instance, coarse grinding for stainless steel and fine polishing for electronics.

**Work out effective tactics to expand foreign markets. Report indicates that more than 67% flap discs manufactured in Germany, Italy and Turkey have been exported to the foreign markets.

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