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Coated Abrasives Buyers

  • Waseem Haneef Pakistan

    Korenesh sanding papers

  • Hamidreza Nasiri Iran (Islamic Republic)

    abrasive waterproof papers &cloth roll

  • Africa Sales Tunisia

    Mounted flap wheels

  • Altima Company Russian Federation

    Paper Jumbo rolls, Waterproof paper Jumbo rolls...

  • Abraham Molamu South Africa

    sanding papers including aluminium oxide emery cloth sand paper etc.

  • Joy Dolinschek South Africa

    Jumbo rolls


    we need equipment and raw materials for abrasive cloth production: -also we need machine which is fasten by gluing aluminium oxide up to glued cloth material . -the width of abrasive cloth should be 400mm - raw materials: * aluminium oxide sand should

  • Mamoun Wali Lebanon

    Abrasive fiber discs

  • Chuma Ogbonna United States

    Abrasive discs

  • LINE10Tools Canada

    Sanding drums and sleeves

  • Rubicon Global Resources Nigeria

    Abrasive discs

  • Abbas Rabiee Iran (Islamic Republic)

    Sand paper,liquid diamond...

  • Femi Ebenezer Nigeria


  • Tunde Olayiwola Nigeria

    Abrasive discs

  • Arthur Santos United States

    Sanding Discs

  • Jess Synergy Canada

    Sanding paper rolls

  • Xuan Giap Vietnam

    Chevron belt for sander machine

  • Khai Hoan Vietnam

    Abrasive roll

  • Dennis Ang Philippines

    Flap disc

  • Tommy Sparks United States

    Sanding belt

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