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Abrasive Machining Equipment Buyers

  • Mitas Technologies JSC Vietnam

    Hydraulic Press Machine

  • Japan Special Glass Inc. Philippines

    We're looking for a machine supplier, of the following kinds: 1. Glass Cutting Machine. 2. Glass Grinding Machine 3. Glass Edging Machine

  • Artem H Russian Federation

    auto flap disk machine, cutting disk

  • Văn PHONG Vietnam

    CNC Tool& Cutter Grinding Machine

  • Bakul Khedkar India


  • Marcin Jagocha Argentina

    Band saw machine

  • Jbair El Hassane Morocco

    tensioning machine for saw blade with diameter 230mm ~ 1200mm

  • Power Lyke Industries Nigeria Limited Nigeria

    Single-Side Lapping EJW-460IN Machine Engis Table size Lapping EJW-380IN Machine

  • Rahul Bansal India

    Water bulging machine

  • Dylan Forsyth United Arab Emirates

    Ball Grinding Machine

  • KAZEEM Bamidele Nigeria

    Portable Hand Engraving Machine for stone


    Cutting machine parts

  • Juliana Berton Brazil

    full automatic flap disc machine

  • Trio Tools CC South Africa

    Polishing pad making machine

  • David R. McKee United States

    Large Drill Grinder

  • Klimenkov Andrey Russian Federation

    brush machine for use on aluminum profile decorative scratches

  • Yordan Krastev Bulgaria

    Laser wood cutting machine

  • Miguel Gonzalez United States

    Cutting Machine


    we need equipment and raw materials for abrasive cloth production: -also we need machine which is fasten by gluing aluminium oxide up to glued cloth material . -the width of abrasive cloth should be 400mm - raw materials: * aluminium oxide sand should

  • Kseniya Shevchenko Russian Federation

    Brazing machine

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