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Zhengzhou Zhengtong Abrasive import&export Co., Ltd
[ Henan, China (Mainland) ]

    Main Products:
  • brown fused alumina
  • black fused alumina
  • ceramic beads blasting
  • white fused alumina
  • Zirconia beads grinding media
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  • Trading Company

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Ceramic Bead Blasting media in 3C industry for deburrs and blast finish

Product Details

Henan, China (Mainland)





Ceramic Beads Blasting Media

ZrO2 60-66%, SiO2 25-30%, Al2O3 7-13%

Melting Method




Payment & Shipping Terms



10 days

2*12.5kgs barrels+Paper Cartons Or 25kgs Barrels +pallet

3000 / Year

L/C, D/P, T/T

Detailed Product Description

Ceramic Bead Blasting media in 3C



industry for deblurs and blast finish

The ceramic bead blasting also called ceramic beads, ceramic blasting beads, or Zirconia ceramic blasting media, is of high hardness, good elasticity, high gloss and high impact strength. Ceramic blasting beads mainly used for debluring and sand blasting surface finish in 3C industries like mobile phone middle frames, earphone, U disks, Mourse, Charge pal, etc.



Chemical Index

ZrO2: 60-68%

SiO2:  25-30%  

Al2O3: 7-13%

Physical Index

Processing:             Melting

Bulk Density:           2.3g/cm3

True Density:           3.97 g/cm3

Vickers Hardness:   700 kg /mm2


Grit size     B20          B30          B40          B60          B80          B100        B120

μm             600-850   425-600   250-425   125-250    180-250   125-180    63-125

Grit size     B125        B170        B205        B400        B505

μm             0-125        45-90       0-63       30-63         0-63

Grit size     Z850         Z600        Z425        Z300         Z210        Z150        Z100

Microns     850-1180   600-850   425-600   300-425    210-300   150-210   100-150

Special sizes can be customized


High efficiency

With high hardness, long life and good elasticity, suitable for the complicated structure,without damage to the surface of the workpiece, eliminate the stress and improve the fatigue life of the workpiece.

High cost performance

Compared to glass beads, it has higher cleanliness, can prolong the service life 30-50 times. Compared to steel beads, it has superior smoothness, can prolong life 3-5 times. It ‘s also recyclable,and can reduce the refueling times, improve working efficiency.          

Environmental protection

Not easy to break during sandblasting process, no dust, clean, and no hidden danger of silicosis, it is harmless to the human body.


In 3C products – Deburs & Sandblasting Finishing

Alloy shell, middle frame and built-in parts of computers, mobile phones, cameras, earphone, U-Disk, Mouse, Charge pal, etc. –for Deblurs & Sandblasting Finishing


Clean burrs to form film-light decorative or fine reflective surface, on alloy work pieces such as mobile phone to achieve different reflection or matte.





l  In sandblasting

Manual sandblasting machine

Automatic sandblasting machine

Open type sandblasting machine

Sandblasting machine room

l  In shot peening /shot blasting

Pneumatic shot blasting machine

Centrifugal shot blasting machine

CNC shot peening equipment

Wet shot blasting equipment


Free Samples -1kgs

Different blasting workpieces, Different requirements for ceramic beads.

Our factory can provide consult solution, suggest the ceramic beads sizes according to the workpiece you handle and provide 1kgs ceramic beads samples for free.


OEM customize same ceramic beads with your samples or requirements.

Our factory has our own test lab., with high precision chemical and particle size detection instruments. You can send ceramic beads samples, then we will test and analysis it and customize same ceramic beads with your samples or according to your customer requirements.


Quality Guarantee

Guarantee our ceramic beads has no quality problems, and in case any problems are found,

We accept return and/or exchange.

No matter you’re the end users, blasting service suppliers, sandblasting equipment dealers or ceramic beads and other blasting abrasive distributors, welcome to contact us. More details of ceramic bead blasting, updated prices and samples will be available.


Caroline Cui



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Caroline Cui