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Super Abrasives

Industrial Superabrasives are products manufactured using the world’s hardest materials: diamond or cubic boron nitride (CBN). Learn more

cBN Grinding Wheels Specifications

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Guide for cBN Grinding Wheels Specifications


Straight:Straight wheels are grinding wheels that consist of abrasive grains bonded together by a matrix of resins, epoxy, rubber, metal, and vitrified glass materials. Straight wheels have a simple, flat, disc shape without any recesses, flaring or cups.

Cylinder:cylinder grinding wheels are those with flat circular ends and long straight.

Tapered:Tapered body wheels have a thicker cross-section at the bore, which becomes thinner or tapers toward the outer diameter.

Straight Cup:Straight cups have a cup or bowl shape. They are referred to as "straight" because of their cylindrical configuration.

Flaring Cup:Flaring cups have a cup or bowl shape,because their sides flare out.

Dish:Dish wheels have a dish or saucer shape, such as ANSI type 12 wheels.

Other:Other specialty, proprietary, or patented abrasives or abrasive products.


Available diameter ranges from 16mm to 660mm.


Cylindrical /Centerless:Products are suitable for cylindrical or centerless grinding. Cylindrical grinding refers to grinding between the centers of shafts, threaded shafts, large rolls, cams, or similar components. With centerless grinding, cylindrical workpieces are placed between a grinding wheel and regulating wheels. The latter causes the part to rotate to produce precision cylindrical parts. Parts sit on a work rest rather than on centers for faster and easier insertion and removal of the workpiece. Centerless grinding is used primarily in high production applications. It has various forms, including through-feed and plunge grinding.

Internal /Bores:Internal grinding applications use smaller diameter wheels or other abrasive products for grinding or finishing the surface on a part's inner diameter.

Surface/Creep-feed:Products are designed or suitable for Blanchard, surface, or creepfed grinding applications.

Toolroom/Sharpening:Products are designed or suitable for toolroom, sharpening, or precision grinding applications.

Cutting-off:Products are designed or suitable for cutting-off applications.

Woodworking:Products are designed or suitable for woodworking applications.

Specialty:Products are designed or suitable for other specialty, proprietary or patented applications.

Abrasive Grain

Cubic Boron Nitride:Cubic boron nitride, CBN for short, is a kind of artificial superhard materials with its hardness only second to diamond, and its natural form hasn’t been discovered at present. CBN not only shares many good properties with diamond, but possesses a higher thermal stability and chemical inertness to iron metals and alloys. As engineering materials, it has been widely used in ferrous metal and alloy material processing industry. At the same time, it also enjoys a broad application in high-tech fields for its outstanding thermal, electrical, optical and acoustic performance, becoming functional materials of great prospects.
Due to its excellent chemical and physical properties, such as high hardness, high heat stability and chemical inert only second to diamond. As superhard abrasive enjoying widespread applications in different industries and great appreciation in the industrialized countries, CBN has now become the indispensable materials in the automotive, aerospace, machinery and electronics, microelectronics.
Synthesis of CBN can be achieved through a variety of ways, apart from static pressure catalytic method, such as static high pressure process directly, dynamic impact, and vapor deposition method which develops quickly. But so far the main method of the industrial synthesis of CBN is through static high pressure catalytic method, and the research of synthesis of CBN has also become the focus.

Coated CBN:Metal-clad abrasives have a metal layer or coating. Some superabrasive products use metal-clad grains to dissipate heat or enhance bonding.

Combination:The combination of several abrasive grains together.

Specialty:Other specialty, proprietary or patented abrasive grain or material types.


Available concentration ranges from 25% to 200%.

Bonding Agent

Vitrified:Products have a vitrified or glass bond system between the abrasive grains.

Resin:Products have a resin or resinoid bond system between the abrasive grains.

Metal:Products have an electroplated or brazed metal bond system between the abrasive grains, or between the grains in a metal substrate.

Electro-plated:Products have an electro-plated bond system between the abrasive grains.

Specialty:Other specialty, proprietary or patented bond types.

Work Condition

Dry:Products are designed or suitable for dry grinding applications.

Wet:Products are designed or suitable for wet grinding applications.

Dry/Wet:Products are designed or suitable for both dry and wet grinding applications.

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