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[ Guangdong, China (Mainland) ]

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iAbrasive AD

Fiberglass Spacer for Resin Bonded Wheels

Product Details

Guangdong, China (Mainland)

spacer for easy release

coated fiberglass

4", 4.5", 5", 6", 7", 8", 9", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20"

paper box

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Detailed Product Description

Fiberglass Spacer Coated with Resin, used as hardening spacer for the manufacture of resinoid cut-off or depressed wheels, overcomes several problems in traditional technology by its advantages such as non- sticking, temperature-resisting, pliablity and ventilation features. It can improve the surface condition of wheels at low cost. 



In traditional technology, iron plate was used as spacer. Hardened wheels were defected by knocking and shocking when the operator unloaded oven because of the sticky phenomenon between hardened wheel and iron plate. Since the iron plate was easily deformed, wheels were also deformed consequently.


  Moreover, loading volume and hardening efficiency were greatly decreased when aluminium spacer or even old wheel was used as spacer for its big volume and high thermal capacity. Another common drawback of traditional spacer was that radiating and cutting efficiency of wheels were affected and reduced due to the smooth surface of hardened wheels. To solve above problems, Fiberglass Spacer is used to replace various traditional spacers and Teflon spacers due to following advantages. 1. It costs low.

2. As Fiberglass Spacer is very thin (only 0.5mm) and less heat-absorbing , the efficient loading volume  can be increased and hardening time can be shortened, so that more than 20% of energy can be saved. 2. Labor strength is reduced and work efficiency raised, especially because sticky phenomenon no longer occur, The yield of qualified products can be increased by 10% due to no knocking and shocking when unloading. 3. Fiberglass Spacercan optimize the surface of wheels and then greatly improve thermal radiation, self-sharpening function and surface roughness of the wheels. The cutting efficiency is increased greatly.



Available Size
Size of Cutting-off Wheel Spacer size (mm) Size of Cutting-off Wheel Spacer size (mm)
4" 110 x 16 9" 240 x 22
4.5" 125 x 22 10" 260 x 25
135 x 22 12" 310 x 25
6" 160 x 22 14" 360 x 25
7" 190 x 22 16" 410 x 25
8" 210 x 22 20 510 x 25
Other sizes can be also available upon request.

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