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What kind of product information is most important to buyers?

Product Basics

Besides helping buyers clearly understand your listing, it will also influence your product ranking in search results.

Product Name:

  • *A complete and accurate product name helps your product listing get better ranking in searching results related with your product name.
  • *It also attracts potential customers to know more about your product.
  • *A complete product name should include the name, type, specification, model number, relevant certification, application and industry standard terms - e.g. "A30TBF Resin Reinforced Cutting Wheel for Stainless Steel".

Product Name can not be same with already posted listings.

Product Keyword:

Please enter keywords that are similar to the product's name (e.g. a synonym) or words that you think buyers might use to search for your product.

Product Photo:

Most buyers prefer the products with photos and then are interested in knowing more. The photo should match your product and its descriptions. Supported Formats: Jpg, Jpeg, Png or Gif; Max. 5 photos, per 2MB.

Product Details

Complete product details help your product listing gain more exposure and visibility to potential buyers. When buyers refine search results by narrowing product details or attributes, your product listing will show out if they are tailored to refine search criteria.

Add more:

To highlight your product's features, please fill in some extra characteristics not displayed in the system. You can add maximum 10 more details.

Trade Information

Complete trade information helps buyers make better sourcing decisions.

Detailed Description

The more details you describe for your product, the more attractive it will be for potential buyers. Detailed Description:

  • 1. Include detailed product specifications, features, applications, quality standards, certifications and/or services your company offers.
  • 2. To make the information more reader-friendly, break them into small sections and number them; highlight key info with bold, color, etc.
  • 3. Avoid repetitive descriptions and redundant information.
  • 4. Use English Only; Do not leave personal contact information such as email address.
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