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How do I make the basic information of my company profile more attractive?

Detailed Basic Information is very important for buyers to get a better first impression of your company.

Before clicking 'Submit', please check your info that you provided. After submitting, Company Name and Country are not available to change any further once approved. If you have any problems, please feedback to us.

Please provide accurate information as detailed as you can, and especially pay attention to the forms below:

Company Name:

Please ensure that your Company Name is genuine and complete.

Company Name
Business Type:

Select one or more business types based on your main business model, or select "other" if your business type is not listed.

Business Type
Company Logo:

Please upload your Company Logo, which will be displayed beside your company name on your online store website.
File Format: Jpg, Jpeg, Png, Gif, Doc, Docx, Xls, Xlsx, Pdf. Maximum File Size: 2MB.

Company Logo
Detailed Company Introduction:

Include additional company information such as your company history, achievements, investors, main customers, equipment and technology, product brands and product quality. This information will give your potential customers more reasons to trust you. Please do not enter HTML text here.

Detailed Company Introduction
Operational Address/ Contact Address:

Please pay attention to the two addresses. If they are same, simply click "Same as Operational Address".

Operational Address/ Contact Address
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