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What kind of buying request is most important for suppliers?

Most suppliers prefer buying requests with more details, so that they can evaluate whether they meet buyers' requirement, at the same time build credibility with buyers, they will also quote seriously.

Product Name:

Please enter a complete and accurate product name that you are buying. A complete product name should include the name, type, specification, model number, relevant certification, application and industry standard terms - e.g. "A30TBF Resin Reinforced Cutting Wheel for Stainless Steel".

Detailed Description:

  • Detailed description of buying request will help supplier understand buyers' needs better, and buyers will get more quality quotations.
  • Detailed description may include:
  • -Exact product name
  • -Grit size/dimension/shape
  • -Grade/quality standard
  • -Material, application, packing, etc.

Relevant Files:

Attach relevant files to describe your specific requirements, for example, sample picture or drawing, or others. File Format: Jpg, Jpeg, Png, Gif, Doc, Docx, Xls, Xlsx, Pdf; File Size: 2MB Max.

Expired Time:

Select a date when you no longer want suppliers to contact you.

Quotes I Need:

Select the quotations limit you need suppliers quote to you.

More Details:

For suppliers to better understand buyers' request, more info is preferred.

Buyer' Contact Info:

Please ensure that the contact information in "My Profile" is correct. Only premium supplier can view buyers' contact information. To modify, you will be taken to "My Profile". Post Buying Request