Updates on 2014-2-26

1.Homepage is wholly updated, Navigator more Clear
In this update, with the view of offering conciseness experience for the new and old members, iAbrasive.com update the whole homepage. Navigator is set in the middle of the homepage and includes four parts: products, suppliers, buyers and news. Right behind the Navigator is the Search Blank, in which the users can put in the key words to find the targeted products, suppliers, buyers or news. Additionally, by using “Post Buying Request” the global buyers can find their ideal coopers within the limited time.

2. Two Parts are new-added: Products and News
By clicking the “Products”, the users can enter the webpage for the whole products on iAbrasive.com. Additionally, by clicking the search button right behind the “Products”, the users can find out the targeted products within limited time. By clicking the “News”, the users can enter the webpage for news. Of course, by clicking the search blank right behind the “News”, the users can find the latest related news in the field of abrasives business.

3. Newly Optimized 16 Products Category & Attributes
In this update, according to the feedbacks from the users within the past year and the iAbrasive team study of key words results, iAbrasive.com re-optimizes the products category & attributes. Additionally, the order of the products category has also been adjusted, which is more user-friendly.

4. “Latest Buying Request” is newly added
In this update, iAbrasive.com newly adds the “latest buying request” where the global latest buying leads are list, which helps the buyers find the ideal coopers within the limited time and at the same time, helps offer more and better business chance for the suppliers in iAbrasive.com.

5. The service for the online shops is newly added. Gold members can define the shop banner, choose the theme, set the main products, redefine the products category, refresh the products in large amounts, etc.

6. Back-stage function has been reinforced to give users more approaches to build their own website, such as setting sub-account, creating company album, release company news, upload related products certificates, etc.

7. Innovative promoting programs are available from iAbrasive, which introduced three marketing solutions suitable for abrasives foreign trade companies at different developmental stages, such as building company website and network marketing, thus to improve company’s visibility and establish brand awareness.

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