iAbrasive Provides Company Staff with a Four-day Training: We Have Been Working Hard!

There’s an old saying in China that it’s never too old to learn. The truth also applies for the growth of a company. In order to enhance personnel competence and stimulate staff’s work enthusiasm, iAbrasive (http://www.iabrasive.com), a leading abrasive and diamond tools online trading marketplace, offers the company staff a four-day systematic training on May 5th, 2014, the contents of which cover the whole abrasives industry as well as the network marketing skills.

iAbrasive offers staff training

iAbrasive offers staff training

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Forward Integration–a Strategic Trend in Abrasives Industry

The internationally authoritative market research corporation—Transparent Market Research recently released a report on abrasives industry, stating that the value chain system has a tendency towards Forward Integration. With the rapid development of the Internet, online marketing has become a prevailing trend for traditional abrasives companies, who are seeking to expand distribution channels and upgrading marketing strategies to build their international brand.  Continue reading

iAbrasive Sent Representative to Attend the 115th Canton Fair

The 115th China import and export commodities fair, also called Canton fair, took place on April 15, 2014 in Guangzhou. Attending the fair as an editor, I, on behalf of iAbrasive, felt proud to have this opportunity to feel the charm of this trade show for the first time, which has long been considered as the most comprehensive trade event with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale and the best credibility in China.

Editor of iAbrasive at the Canton Fair

Editor of iAbrasive at the Canton Fair

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Abrasives “Suppliers” for Quick Search

As a leading B2B trading platform concentrating on abrasives and diamond tools only, iAbrasive announces new updates of the website with an intent to facilitate the online searching.

To have a glance of the homepage, users are not hard to find out that five columns have been displayed at the top, including the newly-added “Suppliers”. Click on the word will lead you to a new page, which gives overseas buyers several choices about how to seek desired suppliers. Users are able to search from following four aspects:

Firstly, Searching by Name Index
For instance, if you are searching by the letter “A”, then you will see a page listed with all the companies whose name begin with the letter “A”. Besides, the company address as well as its main products will also be showed in details.

Secondly, Searching by Product Category
Almost every product involved in abrasives industry have been listed tidily under each sub-category, which is the most convenient way to seek your suppliers immediately.

Thirdly, Searching by Business Type
iAbrasive divides the suppliers into four categories according to their business types, i.e., manufacturers, trading company, distributor/wholesaler and service company. Users can decide as they like.

Fourthly, Searching by Recommendations
At the bottom of the page, company logo and product image may have catched your attention. These are vitrified members of iAbrasive with high recognition. We recommend these excellent companies or products for your first consideration as long as you trust us!

iAbrasive.com: Life Lies in Movement


Nothing is better than a friendly badminton match coming after a long time office work. On December 28, 2013, sun finally comes out of the heavy fog in Zhengzhou. Sky’s blue; cloud’s white; air’s fresh; all indicating something exciting is going on. It is a day to remember cause iAbrasive’s first friendly badminton match is to take place here. Continue reading

iAbrasive Updates on Dec.21,2013

1. Newly add “Refresh” function for our iAbrasive.com members to help them update their products much faster and quickly increase the indexed volume of their products by search engines.
2. Delete the procedure of “Email Verification” to help the newly regsitered members quickly become the suppliers on iAbrasive.com. That is to say, those newly registered members only need complete the information of Acount Overview including “where are you?”,”I am a ..”,”Email”,”Creat Password” “Re-enter Password”, and the Contact Information including “Name”,”Company Name”,”Tel”.
3. Newly add the special subsection pages for “Diamond Tools” to offer much more professional industry knowledge and terminologies related with diamond tools for global diamond tools suppliers and buyers’ reference.

iAbrasive Updates on Dec.13

1. Two special subsections are added: Coated Abrasives, Super Abrasives, which help offer professional explanation of coated abrasives and super abrasives terminologies for abrasives foreign traders. Additionally, by adding these professional explanations, we iAbrasive.com also hope to help global abrasives purchasers find their desired products better and faster.
2. This time, we iAbrasive.com change the telephone message verification channel to help Chinese suppliers get the telephone message verification faster and save their time for registration.

iAbrasive Updates on Nov.30, 2013

1. In the section of iBrand, there are new and detailed web pages added for applying for iBrand service.

2. The adjustments for buyers status including Online & Offline, Login & Registered;

3. On the top of iAbrasive Chinese homepage, there are links and programs added for Login and Register;

4. Some of the webpages are changed to be open on new windows.

Back Links Building Methods for Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO (Two)

This article continues with the former article Back Links Building Methods for Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO(One). This article is mainly about building back links by posting articles, submitting website address and analyzing the search engines. As for the benefits of these methods, we will introduce in the following articles.  Continue reading

Back Links Building Methods for Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO (One)

By reading the former two articles, you may have known the basic conception and the importance of the back links building and got to know the features the good back links. Then, in the this article, it will introduce how to build good back links and help your websites win “high vote”.
There are quite a few methods to build back links. If you type the keywords such as “back links building” in the blanks of Baidu or Google, you will get a lot of related results as well as different kinds of methods introduced by many talents. However, you had better be careful with these methods, because the methods of back links building are different for different abrasives foreign trade websites. For example, abrasives foreign trade websites are ones for industries, so they should not promote their products or brands on the websites such as travel and food. This article can not help solve all the problems for back links building, although, we iAbrasive can offer you the more detailed methods for your reference.  Continue reading

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