iAbrasive Opens Up the We-Chat Platform to Share Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO

Focus on iAbrasive.com to learn abrasives foreign trade marketing knowledge. Those enterprises who are related with the products such as abrasive grains, bonded abrasives, coated abrasives, non-woven abrasives, buffing and polishing, superhard materials, diamond tools, wire brushes, carbide burrs, blasting and peening, mass finishing, machines and power tools, safety products, abrasive accessories, abrasives manufacturing and so on.

For the “WeChat” users, there are two ways to follow iAbrasive: one is to search “iabrasive” in the subscription number of contact list; while the other is to scan the QR code in the photo attached.

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iAbrasive Updates on Oct.25, 2013

1.The second sub-section for Superhard Materials is launched.

Consisting of four parts: Overview, Information, Chart, and Glossary

1). Overview: Common superhard materials categories and the corresponding product lists, brief introduction, specification for quick refining search. By clicking “Learn More” to check more related details for superhard materials; by clicking “More Specification” to get access to the pages of complete forms for refining search . Each page consists of the explanation for each product form.

2). Information: Display the basic knowledge and the business information of superhard materials in the form of list.

3). Chart: Tables for superhard materials such as particle size distribution, particle comparison, national grading system and so on.

4). Glossary: The terminology and explanation for superhard materials

2. Some adjustments for details of the whole website.

iAbrasive Updates on Aug. 24th, 2013

“Contact Supplier” to Send Enquiries
1. “Contact Supplier” is much easier now for buyers without login.
2. Meanwhile, buyers can also attach files when sending enquiries.
3. On enquiry success page, non-member can quickly create his free account, simply by creating password.
4. Meanwhile, suppliers will receive email reminder automatically sent by system.

“My iAbrasive” in English & Chinese Version
1. Automatically in English or Chinese version according to login IP and country,
2. Logged-in users can also click “English” or “中文” to switch.

“Messages” Centre of “My iAbrasive”
1. Enquiries coming from non-members can also be saved in your Inbox of “Messages” Centre, for you to view and reply.
2. If the enquiries are from registered members, the sender name is linked with his online store URL, convenient for you clicking for details.
3. Once you reply successfully, the recipient (no matter member or non-member) will receive email reminder automatically sent by system.
4. In the email reminder, the recipient can see your detailed response, contact info, company name linked with your online store URL.
5. Meanwhile, all sent messages are saved in your Sent Box of “Messages” Centre.

1. Fix footer bugs in some pages.
2. Optimized H1 of suppliers listing page.
3. Fix some word errors.
4. Update notice in “My iAbrasive”.
5. Add “The 1st International Forum of Belt Grinding Technology and Equipment” banner on homepage.