iAbrasive Updates on April 11, 2014

1. Simplify Verification Process: Users now can send Enterprise Business License along with Letter of Authorization (template available for downloading) with official seal, directly to mailbox support@iabrasive.com. No longer need to upload and submit.
2. Fix issues of free member information not show up on Products Category Listing Pages.
3. Replace the track and statistics code of Google Analytics on all pages, to enhance analyses of all traffics in both Chinese and English websites.
4. Fix issues of the title & detailed description of Buying Request without line breaks in site.
5. Increase shortcuts tab to English version on the upper right corner of Chinese website Header.
6. Increase related links listing for Gold Member services on Chinese website Footer.
7. Fix bug of Logo link in My iAbrasive Buyer Version.

iAbrasive Announces the Upcoming of China International Hardware Show for West China

iAbrasive, China’s leading abrasives and diamond tools online trading platform, today announces on its official website (www.iabrasive.com) that China International Hardware Show for West China (CHIS WEST for short) is to take place from April 23rd through 25th, 2014 at Century City International Convention & Exhibition Center, Chengdu.

The leader from iAbrasive shows that hardware industry is closely connected with abrasives industry, and every year lots of abrasives products manufacturers from different areas will participate at the show to meet new friends.


To promote the development of the hardware industry and the western region as well as to create opportunities for leading Chinese hardware manufacturers to set up production plants, CIHS WEST was created for the region as a sister event of China’s premier hardware trade fair, CIHS.

CIHS WEST is the second hardware trade fair organized by the China National Hardware Association and Koelnmesse and a sister event of the renowned China International Hardware Show (CIHS), sharing brand resources in customer base, media and partners and Koelnmesse`s experience in establishing, managing and operating the show.

Review on iAbrasive.com
As a leading e-commerce marketplace concentrating on abrasives industry only, iAbrasive is featured by its professional and vertical operation patterns. Here users are easy to find what they need, ranging from raw materials to tools for various applications, such as abrasive media, alumina, silicon carbide, diamond powders, grinding wheels, flap discs, diamond tools, etc. Detailed supplying information to be updated at: http://www.iabrasive.com. Thousands of overseas abrasives buyers are sending inquiries to desired sellers through iAbrasive.com everyday, you can not miss it!

Staff from iAbrasive and Henan Hengxin Industrial & Mineral Products Co., Ltd. Band Together for Tree Plantings


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The annual Arbor Day has come around again. The leader from iAbrasive was pleased to announce the cooperation with Henan Hengxin Industrial & Mineral Products Co., Ltd. to honored the commitment of protecting and nurturing the environment through a tree-planting … Continue reading

iAbrasive Updates on July 22nd, 2013

1. iAbrasive SUPPLIERS DB along with its “Claim” function launched!
- Collect and display worldwide abrasives suppliers directory;
- Browse by category, or search by company name, product name;
- Details page shows company name, address, business type, contact info and products, etc.
- “Claim your company”: if your company is listed, you may click to claim, that is to complete registration. When it’s done, it also means being iAbrasive registered member successfully, so you can get a complete online store with more exposure, and receive inquires from buyers.
2. The third 10 Verified Suppliers’ products and company logos are shown on iAbrasive.com homepage.
3. Support multiple decimal places when inputting FOB price on “Post New Product” page.

Does your Abrasives Website bring you Inquires?

It is well known that Abrasives & Abrasive Products (eg. Abrasive Grains, Bonded Abrasives, Coated Abrasives, Non-Woven Abrasives, Buffing & Polishing Products, Superhard Materials, Super Abrasives, Diamond Tools, Wire Brushes, Carbide Burrs, Sand Blasters & Media, Mass Finishing & Media, Abrasive Machines & Power Tools, Accessories, Safety Products, Abrasives Manufacturing Related and Other Products) belong to industry sector. For industrial products, the trading is usually between enterprise and enterprise, in business to business (B2B) mode. Usually, buyers will not make order for the first contact; it needs long-term contact and negotiation. In this case, the contact information and inquiries left by buyers are quite precious for suppliers. In fact, the number of inquiries is the primary indicator for the value of a B2B website. Here comes the question: does your abrasives website bring you inquiries? Or, how many inquiries can you receive within month? One? Two? Five? Or more than ten?  Continue reading

iAbrasive Updates on June 3rd, 2013

1. Search function for products and suppliers is launched, and search results can be further narrowed by product attributes and company types, etc.
2. Partial category names are updated and optimized.
3. Fix certain content displaying problems of Online Store Pages.
4. On homepage, update one media logo and link under “iAbrasive in the News”.

iAbrasive Updates on May 20th, 2013

1. “Suppliers” listing page is newly added: Buyers can click to toggle from “Products” to “Suppliers” listing page, and screen suppliers by “Business Type”, “Main Market” and “Industry Focused”.
2. Modify the displaying order of products category, by moving “Other” into the bottom of current category.
3. Fix the non-displayable problem of “Yahoo” and “Skype” on “Products” and “Suppliers” listing pages.

iAbrasive Updates on May 11th, 2013

iAbrasive Homepage and Product Listing Page Launched
1. Under “Featured Products” and “Verified Suppliers” of homepage, the first 10 Verified Suppliers’ featured products and company logos are displayed;
2. Under the 17 “Categories” of homepage, products listing pages and results narrowing function are completed;
3. Under “New Products” and “New Supplier” of homepage, the latest products and suppliers are displayed.

1. On product details page of suppliers’ online store, the title “Other Products from this Supplier” are adjusted as “Similar Products from this Supplier”, and products displaying is limited within 2 lines;
2. On “My iAbrasive” homepage, “Notice” and “iAbrasive News” are updated;
3. On “Post New Product” page, “Abrasives Category Guide” with link are added in both Chinese and English language.

00. Category & Attribute of Abrasives on iAbrasive.com

Abrasives are extremely commonplace and are used very extensively in a wide variety of industrial, domestic, and technological applications. Common uses for abrasives include grinding, polishing, buffing, honing, cutting, drilling, sharpening, lapping, and sanding[Wikipedia]. Abrasives also have close connection with its upstream industry such asabrasives manufacturing related, as well as downstream industry such as machines & power tools. Continue reading

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