iAbrasive: Cleaner Production Should be Reinforced Among Alumina and Silicon Carbide Manufacturers

iAbrasive, a professional e-commerce website serving for abrasives industry specifically, presently points out that cleaner production should be reinforced among abrasives manufacturers, in particular for alumina and silicon carbide factories.

Generally speaking, functioning as the main abrasive grain and refractory material, alumina and silicon carbide are of irreplaceable significance which can be seen in various industrial applications. However, severe environmental problems have been caused during manufacturing, which can not be ignored anymore. Manufacturers are faced with a critical choice, that is, survival or development?

As been reported previously by iAbrasive, abrasives industry in China are in transformation and upgrading now. Some factories have realized the importance of environmental protection, and are seeking innovative approaches to improve manufacturing techniques and equipments and realize comprehensive utilization, such as CO’s recycling produced in silicon carbide smelting; waste-heat utilization in alumina smelting.

The leader from iAbrasive shows that the awareness of cleaner production should be further strengthened among abrasives producers. From a long-term perspective, cleaner production will be an inevitable choice for alumina and silicon carbide to survive from the global market competition.

About iAbrasive

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iAbrasive: Notice for China Abrasives Conference & The 59th Alumina and Silicon Carbide Trade Fair

iAbrasive, China’s first e-commerce platform for the exchange of diversified abrasives and diamond tools only, presently claims that China Abrasives Conference & the 59th Trade Fair for Alumina and Silicon Carbide will take place from March 24th through 27th in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province.

The leaders from iAbrasive have assured of the participation at the conference and notify readers with the conference arrangements as following:  Continue reading