iAbrasive Updates on April 11, 2014

1. Simplify Verification Process: Users now can send Enterprise Business License along with Letter of Authorization (template available for downloading) with official seal, directly to mailbox support@iabrasive.com. No longer need to upload and submit.
2. Fix issues of free member information not show up on Products Category Listing Pages.
3. Replace the track and statistics code of Google Analytics on all pages, to enhance analyses of all traffics in both Chinese and English websites.
4. Fix issues of the title & detailed description of Buying Request without line breaks in site.
5. Increase shortcuts tab to English version on the upper right corner of Chinese website Header.
6. Increase related links listing for Gold Member services on Chinese website Footer.
7. Fix bug of Logo link in My iAbrasive Buyer Version.

SEO for Abrasives Foreign Trade Brand Building

By reading the former article Posting Articles for Abrasives Foreign Trade Marketing, those who have their own foreign trade website may have got to know how to choose the proper channels to promote their products and how to choose the proper articles to attract their targeted customers. All of these come to one point that is how to make their own online product brands rank higher than that of their competitors, which can help bring much more orders for them. In fact, on most occasions, the goal of SEO is to bring search flow volume and direct sales of the products. Meanwhile, SEO also can contribute to the enterprise product brand building to some extent. This article is going to introduce the relationship between abrasives foreign trade products brands.  Continue reading

Back Links Building Methods for Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO (Two)

This article continues with the former article Back Links Building Methods for Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO(One). This article is mainly about building back links by posting articles, submitting website address and analyzing the search engines. As for the benefits of these methods, we will introduce in the following articles.  Continue reading