iAbrasive Updates on April 22nd, 2014

Increase the “Suppliers” main page, details as following:
1. Suppliers by Name Index: from A to Z, alphabetically displaying suppliers’ company name (with online-store link), country, and main products.
2. Suppliers by Product Category: index of suppliers list in 16 main categories and hot key words of each category.
3. Suppliers by Business Type: Index of suppliers list in different business types, eg.: abrasives manufacturer, abrasives trading company, abrasives distributor/wholesaler and abrasives service company.
4. Recommended For You | Hot Products: banner ads for Gold Members and Verified Members, highlighted showing their company logos and products.

Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO –DOs & DON’Ts (Part II)

Continuing with former article Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO – DOs & DON’Ts (Part I), in this article, we are honored to continue the introduction of what is supposed to do, which shall be long pursued by abrasives foreign trade operations who devote to further and long-term development.  Continue reading