Staff from iAbrasive and Henan Hengxin Industrial & Mineral Products Co., Ltd. Band Together for Tree Plantings

The annual Arbor Day has come around again. The leader from iAbrasive was pleased to announce the cooperation with Henan Hengxin Industrial & Mineral Products Co., Ltd. to honored the commitment of protecting and nurturing the environment through a tree-planting activity. All the work staff from two companies joined together for this activity voluntarily.

The tree plantings took part on a small hill of Xingyang, which has longly been considered as the cluster area of white fused alumina and silicon carbide. For a long time, the town put large emphases on the industrial development but ignored the environment protection, which made some areas wasted and hard to grow plants.

“To realize our dreams of creating healthy ecosystems for the benefits of all human beings, we appeal everyone to makes a contribution.” said by Dever Yang–the manager of Hengxin. According to the introduction, some excellent tree species that can better endure the wind and drought were planted. Over 100 trees were planted within one day. Though exhausted, all participants felt proud of what they had done.


About Henan Hengxin Industrial & Mineral Products Co., Ltd
In business for more than 16 years, Henan Hengxin Industrial & Mineral Products Co., Ltd is a leading supplier of various abrasive grains and refractory materials in China, whose products cover garnet, silicon carbide, white fused alumina, fused silica, silica sand, etc.

The company owns several advanced manufacturing equipments and mature production lines to ensure a stable supply at any time. H&X’s mission is to deliver extreme performance for end users through continuous productivity enhancement and excellent customer services. Until now, the company has established long-run friendly cooperations with numerous foreign customers. For more useful information, you are welcome to visit here:

Headquartered in Zhengzhou, Henan province, iAbrasive is an international business to business trade platform for the abrasives industry, which offers domestic sellers the opportunity to present excellent abrasive products to overseas buyers. Meanwhile, users can inform themselves of in-depth and comprehensive information on the latest developments, trends, services and products from different areas. More information about abrasive supplying and purchasing, welcome to link here:

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