SEO for Abrasives Foreign Trade Brand Building

By reading the former article Posting Articles for Abrasives Foreign Trade Marketing, those who have their own foreign trade website may have got to know how to choose the proper channels to promote their products and how to choose the proper articles to attract their targeted customers. All of these come to one point that is how to make their own online product brands rank higher than that of their competitors, which can help bring much more orders for them. In fact, on most occasions, the goal of SEO is to bring search flow volume and direct sales of the products. Meanwhile, SEO also can contribute to the enterprise product brand building to some extent. This article is going to introduce the relationship between abrasives foreign trade products brands. 

  • Ranking NO.1 Equals to Brands

When searching for the key words, common users usually have such kind of opinion that the results list on the first page are much more reliable. Therefore, if you get the first ranking on the first page, then you may be more reliable than your competitors. Of course, this suppose is not correct completely. However, the truth is always so real. And internet users indeed have such kind of thought.
In spite of the fact that the click flow brought by the popular keywords of the abrasives industry, the first ranking in the searching results of the company has great benefits. Let’s take an example. In the abrasives industry, the English version for “碳化硅” is “silicon carbide”and if you put it in Google search blank, you will find that apart from the paid advertisements, the search results on the first 2-3 pages are the famous enterprises that have long histories at abroad.
However, when searching for the famous keywords of this industry, the users tend to regard the first ranking of the searching results as the best choice, which is quite common. It has nothing to do with the click flow of your website. It does not matter whether the users choose to click your website or even enter your website. As long as they find out that your website ranks first in their searching results, such kind of opinion will come to their mind. It is necessary that the first ranking information of your company should be the official website, which should be done at any cost. However, the lucky thing is that it is not hard, in fact.

  • Traditional Brand Building and SEO

The brand elements of company titles, slogans and advertisements should perfectly combine with SEO. That is to say, when the search of your company name, slogan or advertisements by the users, the first result should be your official website, which not only strengthens your brand promotion, but also avoids these unnecessary misleading. Quite a few American and European companies pay much more attentions to these points. Let’s take an example. After has been lanched, you put the keywords “iAbrasive” or the slogan “International abrasives online market” and you will get the first ranking that is the official website of In the same way, you put the keywords in Baidu search blank “爱锐网” or “切磨抛外贸行业网站”and the first result is the Chinese website of

  • Brand Internet Crisis and SEO

Internet crisis originates in internet forums and breaks out on search engines. Therefore, search engines, SEO and internet crisis have natural relationship. Those who are busy with SEO have paid attention to the control of the negative news. Brands management and crisis handling are the strong points of the SEO workers.
The theory of handling internet crisis by SEO is very simple. For example, when there are negative news for your company or brand, you can make the positive statements for your company by SEO and in that way, you can make the negative news rank very behind of the positive news for about two to three pages of the list results.
The best way is to post the positive news or statements on these premium and authoritative forums, blogs, news portal, online market websites, video websites, etc. For example, when you happen to see the negative news on certain online market website, you can submit a positive statement on this website. As for the forums, blogs, news portals, etc, you can do the same thing. Of course, you can post your statements on these first ranking websites. The better and the more the websites are, the results will be better.
In that way, the contents or statements you submit share the same domain authority with those negative statements. And the ranking can compete with those negative statements. That is to say, the positive statements and the negative ones share the same percentage to be list in the searching results. The only difference is that you have to post the positive contents of your company later on. To make it clear, you can build several back links for the positive contents. And the number can not be too many, several back links can make the negative news rank very far behind the positive news, because few people leave back links for the negative comments.
In this way, your positive news have the same domain authority. Therefore, the same relative and more back links can kick out the negative news away.
If these negative news have quite a few back links, it means that you happen to meet a connoisseur in this field but the common customer who is complaining or the authority of certain field complaining something. Then you need some more high-class strategies to make up for your work.

  • Fame Management of Abrasives Foreign Trade and SEO

When there is no crisis, those abrasives foreign trade companies also need register some accounts on social media to post some news for the products promotion or the new announcements for the company development. If the users search the related news of the company and the search results are all the social media controlled by your own workers, it means that this company has made good prepares for the daily promotion and crisis managements.
To be able to do the online fame management also need the ability to make good use of the search engine and well use it. In that way, when the negative news rises, the related companies can find out and well handle the crisis.
Additionally, to be able to well manage the online fame also need the ability to make good use of search engines and when the negative news comes up, the company can well handle with the problems. Speaking of this respect, Google Alerts is a kind of good tool. Users need set the keywords such as company name, brand name, boss name or the post holder’s name in the Google Alerts. Once the set-up keywords appear online, Google will notice the users. And the users can choose E-mail or RSS to subscribe the news or monitor the blogs, video, news, common webpages or monitor all of them.
Although SEO is one of the powerful methods, yet it can’t solve the problems completely. Although we can’t call it the “belated methods”, yet it can be called by the saying that is mend the fold after the sheep have been stolen. Online fame management and crisis management are far beyond the SEO. If the company wants to do well in crisis handling and fame management, they should pay the attention to products, service quality and after-sale service. Once the customers satisfy with the service, then there will be no negative comments, which is the root for this point.
Just like the saying goes “Take precautions before it is too late”. Those who have been busy with the abrasives foreign trade may have got to know something about the online brand building, which can’t be done within one day or effective within one day but a ever lasting effort-taken job. Of course, there are different kinds of channels to be choose. Faced with different kinds of rules made by search engines, abrasives foreign traders have to think about the strategies carefully. However, search engines always prefer the new and original contents. Why not pay much more attention on contents? Here, to write more original articles is a good choice.

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