The Real Abrasive Machining Eqpt Buyers Looking for Suppliers, as the professional and vertical webportal in the abrasives and abrasive products industry, has set up a professional buyer service team. Through various ways such as email marketing, SNS, search engine marketing, etc., iAbrasive team has developed many high quality abrasives buyers and kept good communication with them. Through follow-up service of iAbrasive and customer’s feedback, so far there are still some abrasives buyers who have not found desirable suppliers for some reasons. The following are their detailed buying requests: Continue reading

The State of the Abrasives Industry Worldwide

Knowing where you stand in relation to others brings a sense of security, combined with awareness of where you want to go next. This is true of individuals and companies. One way of knowing where you stand is to look at trading trends, and this article shows how international trading in the nearly $29 billion abrasives industry is changing. Continue reading

Survey Report on Abrasives Buyers, as the foremost brand in global ecommerce services in the abrasives and abrasive products industry, has been working hard to provide better services for abrasives suppliers and buyers both in China and abroad. In order to achieve that goal, recently took an online survey of abrasives buyers. The content of the survey included the buyers’ industry, their requirements for abrasives suppliers, how they find suppliers, their comments or suggestions on, etc. The survey results and its analysis are as follows: Continue reading

Superior Silicon Carbide Abrasive Manufacturers

Silicon carbide is a compound of silicon and carbon. In the industry, silicon carbide is made of quartz sand and petroleum coke in an electric resistance furnace. It includes black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide. Because of its characteristics of stable chemical properties, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high hardness, good thermal conductivity, etc., silicon carbide can be used for making abrasive products such as grinding wheels, mounted points, hone stone, etc.. It can also be used as a metallurgical deoxidizer and in materials that are resistant to high temperatures. High purity monocrystal can be used in manufacturing semi-conductors and silicon carbide fibers. All in all, silicon carbide, as a durable and low-cost material, is a popular abrasive in modern manufacturing. Continue reading

Leading Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Manufacturers

Aluminium oxide is a chemical compound of aluminium and oxygen. It is the most common industrial mineral in modern manufacturing. In the industry, it can be made by sintering pure alpha alumina powder in a high temperature furnace. Aluminium oxide can withstand temperatures up to above 1800°. Therefore, aluminium oxide is the raw material that is used to make high-class refractory materials. Besides that, aluminium oxide is of a high hardness, right after diamond and silicon carbide, so it is a great material for making abrasives, cutting tools, grinding tools, etc. In a word, aluminium oxide is an indispensable industrial material in the abrasives and abrasive products industry, refractory materials industry, etc. Continue reading

iAbrasive Updates on Sept. 15th, 2014

1. Correct some page Title mistakes on member backstage;
2. Change the “Product”, “Company” and “Contact” in the “product” and “supplier” lists as well as the search results page to new pages;
3. Member backstage upload company logo, advised photo sizes are shown;
4. Members can choose to reveal their phone number or not;
5. Contact supplier name optimization;
6. Repair the magnifier effect bug on product details page;
7. Repair the form pattern problems on the product details page;
8. Gold Member Store’s company news and certificate navigation can be shown based on facts. If there is no content, the page will hide the navigation.
Author: Liwei Chu
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