iAbrasive Puts Forward Five Points Regarding Future Development Directions of Diamond Compact

China’s only abrasives and diamond tools e-commerce trading platform iAbrasive presently accept an online interview and points out fives aspects should be paid attention to regarding the future development directions of diamond compact.

Generally speaking, diamond compact is a composite material composed of diamond fine powder and cemented carbide, which are sintered simultaneously under high temperature and high pressure. Diamond compact not only possesses the properties of conventional cemented carbide, but also the advantages of strong hardness and good wear resistance of diamond. Therefore, it has been widely used in oil and gas drilling, geological exploration, machining tools and other, which can greatly improve the working efficiency.

Nowadays, with the advancement in diamond compact techniques, specifications and variety of it becomes complete and the synthetic skill is in constant optimization, as a result of which make the interface strongly combined. However, with the large-scale development of synthetic compressor and increasing of synthetic pressure, as well as the applications of new technology, diamond compact will enter into another development period. The main developing directions include the following five aspects:

I The layers of polycrystalline diamond increase, and the lifespan prolongs.
II Particle becomes finer, comprehensive properties (wear resistance and impact resistance) further improve.
III Synthetic techniques continue to improve, reduce the performance differences of compacts.
IV Increase the diameter of the compact, which can improve the utilization efficiency when being cut into blades.
V Optimize the interface structure to avoid the residual stress or stress concentration of the interface.

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About iAbrasive
Founded in 2012, and headquartered in Zhengzhou, China, iAbrasive has achieved dramatic growth in benefiting overseas abrasives buyers communicating with Chinese suppliers at anytime and anywhere. Positioning itself on the whole abrasives industry only, iAbrasive strives to be most professional abrasives trading platform and supply the best abrasives products for you! Wanna a try? Link here: http://www.iabrasive.com.

iAbrasive: Cleaner Production Should be Reinforced Among Alumina and Silicon Carbide Manufacturers

iAbrasive, a professional e-commerce website serving for abrasives industry specifically, presently points out that cleaner production should be reinforced among abrasives manufacturers, in particular for alumina and silicon carbide factories.

Generally speaking, functioning as the main abrasive grain and refractory material, alumina and silicon carbide are of irreplaceable significance which can be seen in various industrial applications. However, severe environmental problems have been caused during manufacturing, which can not be ignored anymore. Manufacturers are faced with a critical choice, that is, survival or development?

As been reported previously by iAbrasive, abrasives industry in China are in transformation and upgrading now. Some factories have realized the importance of environmental protection, and are seeking innovative approaches to improve manufacturing techniques and equipments and realize comprehensive utilization, such as CO’s recycling produced in silicon carbide smelting; waste-heat utilization in alumina smelting.

The leader from iAbrasive shows that the awareness of cleaner production should be further strengthened among abrasives producers. From a long-term perspective, cleaner production will be an inevitable choice for alumina and silicon carbide to survive from the global market competition.

About iAbrasive

Headquartered in Zhengzhou, Henan province, iAbrasive is a communication and information platform specializing on abrasives industry. It offers domestic sellers the opportunities to present themselves to overseas buyers, as well as the accesses to the most in-depth and comprehensive information on the latest developments, trends, services and products from different areas. For abrasives purchasing and supplying information, users are available at: http://www.iabrasive.com.

iAbrasive Announces the Upcoming of China International Hardware Show for West China

iAbrasive, China’s leading abrasives and diamond tools online trading platform, today announces on its official website (www.iabrasive.com) that China International Hardware Show for West China (CHIS WEST for short) is to take place from April 23rd through 25th, 2014 at Century City International Convention & Exhibition Center, Chengdu.

The leader from iAbrasive shows that hardware industry is closely connected with abrasives industry, and every year lots of abrasives products manufacturers from different areas will participate at the show to meet new friends.


To promote the development of the hardware industry and the western region as well as to create opportunities for leading Chinese hardware manufacturers to set up production plants, CIHS WEST was created for the region as a sister event of China’s premier hardware trade fair, CIHS.

CIHS WEST is the second hardware trade fair organized by the China National Hardware Association and Koelnmesse and a sister event of the renowned China International Hardware Show (CIHS), sharing brand resources in customer base, media and partners and Koelnmesse`s experience in establishing, managing and operating the show.

Review on iAbrasive.com
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iAbrasive: Chinese Hardware Industry Should Complete Informatization Through Internet

iAbrasive, an e-commerce website for the trading of diversified abrasives and diamond tools, presently gives a simple analysis on Chinese hardware market and points out that Chinese hard-wares should convert economic growth into sustainable development through internet.

“With the development of Chinese social economy as well as the enhancement of Comprehensive National Strength, the demands for hardwares in domestic market are growing steadily; however, if we want to improve the international competitiveness of China’s hardware industry and get rid of the plight of sales contract, speeding up the informatization construction will be the first thing we need to do.” a leader from iabrasive.com indicates so.  Continue reading

First Deal Concluded Through iAbrasive.com–the Only Abrasives Online Marketplace

iAbrasive, China’s professional e-commerce trading platform for abrasives and diamond tools only, today is excited to announce the successful conclusion of the first deal for fiberglass backing pads from Turkish customers.

According to iAbrasive’s introduction, the supplier is Zhengzhou Zhongyu Metallic Materials Co., Ltd., who has been engaging in the research, development and manufacturing of fiberglass backing pads for more than 16 years. “iAbrasive provides us with generous technical assistance, such as the setup of Online Foreign Trade Store to display products and factory, which pushes for the early conclusion of our first foreign deal.” says Mr.Chen, the General Manager of the company.  Continue reading

iAbrasive: Notice for China Abrasives Conference & The 59th Alumina and Silicon Carbide Trade Fair

iAbrasive, China’s first e-commerce platform for the exchange of diversified abrasives and diamond tools only, presently claims that China Abrasives Conference & the 59th Trade Fair for Alumina and Silicon Carbide will take place from March 24th through 27th in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province.

The leaders from iAbrasive have assured of the participation at the conference and notify readers with the conference arrangements as following:  Continue reading

Staff from iAbrasive and Henan Hengxin Industrial & Mineral Products Co., Ltd. Band Together for Tree Plantings


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The annual Arbor Day has come around again. The leader from iAbrasive was pleased to announce the cooperation with Henan Hengxin Industrial & Mineral Products Co., Ltd. to honored the commitment of protecting and nurturing the environment through a tree-planting … Continue reading

iAbrasive Updates on March 13, 2014

New Function: “Need Quotation” for Gold Members.
Gold Members can send quotation to interested buying requests directly.

Latest buying requests are listed under “Selling > Need Quotation”. Gold Members can view buying details, and see how many quotations this buyer has received. Click “Quote Now” to send quotation, including product name, photo, description, shipping terms, port, unit price, and other information. Buyer will receive supplier’s quotation in his account member center.

Updates on 2014-2-26

1.Homepage is wholly updated, Navigator more Clear
In this update, with the view of offering conciseness experience for the new and old members, iAbrasive.com update the whole homepage. Navigator is set in the middle of the homepage and includes four parts: products, suppliers, buyers and news. Right behind the Navigator is the Search Blank, in which the users can put in the key words to find the targeted products, suppliers, buyers or news. Additionally, by using “Post Buying Request” the global buyers can find their ideal coopers within the limited time.

2. Two Parts are new-added: Products and News
By clicking the “Products”, the users can enter the webpage for the whole products on iAbrasive.com. Additionally, by clicking the search button right behind the “Products”, the users can find out the targeted products within limited time. By clicking the “News”, the users can enter the webpage for news. Of course, by clicking the search blank right behind the “News”, the users can find the latest related news in the field of abrasives business.

3. Newly Optimized 16 Products Category & Attributes
In this update, according to the feedbacks from the users within the past year and the iAbrasive team study of key words results, iAbrasive.com re-optimizes the products category & attributes. Additionally, the order of the products category has also been adjusted, which is more user-friendly.

4. “Latest Buying Request” is newly added
In this update, iAbrasive.com newly adds the “latest buying request” where the global latest buying leads are list, which helps the buyers find the ideal coopers within the limited time and at the same time, helps offer more and better business chance for the suppliers in iAbrasive.com.

5. The service for the online shops is newly added. Gold members can define the shop banner, choose the theme, set the main products, redefine the products category, refresh the products in large amounts, etc.

6. Back-stage function has been reinforced to give users more approaches to build their own website, such as setting sub-account, creating company album, release company news, upload related products certificates, etc.

7. Innovative promoting programs are available from iAbrasive, which introduced three marketing solutions suitable for abrasives foreign trade companies at different developmental stages, such as building company website and network marketing, thus to improve company’s visibility and establish brand awareness.

Notice for 2014 Spring Festival Vocation

iAbrasive’s Spring Festival Vocation starts from Jan 29 to Feb 6. The whole company will be back on track on Feb 7, 2014.

After Spring Festival, new updates will be presented on iAbrasive.com,which includes:

  1. Updates on Function : New iAbrasive online showroom which contains more functions, more themes and more designs to meet customers’ demands.
  2. Updates on Column: The “products” and “news” column will be presented, which includes the worldwide abrasives and diamond tools information and news in the field of abrasive industry on iAbrasive.com, which will double the page view easily.
  3.  Updates on Service: new promoting programs will be provided by iAbrasive.com, plus our marketing strategies, we believe these will bring you more inquiries.

Foreign trade in the field of abrasive industry has never been so easy. We believe that this coming updates will bring you a big surprise. For more information, please click http://www.iabrasive.com/

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