Mingzhu Electric Turns “Waste” into Wealth

Recently, Sanmenxia Mingzhu Electric Metallurgical Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of brown fused alumina section sand in Henan Province, has conducted centralized treatment of the idle production equipment, aging vehicles, and computers.

In recent years, while Mingzhu Electric has guaranteed the production security, the company has completed the equipment management system by issuing a series of policies and documents. By enhancing old devices maintenance, recombination and recycle, Mingzhu has made full use of the waste equipment and turn them into wealth, which reduced the costs and increased the company’s production efficiency.

During statistics, Mingzhu has made detailed assortment and comprehensive analysis on more than ten sets of old equipment in production and transformation since 2013. After that, the company conducted invitation for bids based on the principle of equality and transparency.

At present, all the statistics and report work have been completed and the competitive bidding work is under way. In summary, the work has increased Mingzhu’s working efficiency and improved the company’s management economic benefit.

Source: Sanmenxia Mingzhu Electric Metallurgical Co., Ltd.
Writer: Li Huang
Editor: iAbrasive.com

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