Mingzhu Electric Held a Lab Technician Job Skill Competition

To further improve the professional skills of lab technicians and arouse the staff’s learning initiative, Sanmenxia Mingzhu Electric Metallurgical Co., Ltd. held a “Lab Technician Job Skill Competition on Sept. 15, 2014.

Sanmenxia Mingzhu  (1)


Nine technicians from Mingzhu Electric took part in the competition, which was composed of two parts. The first part was an written examination of theoretical knowledge, including the basic knowledge of testing theories, X-fluorescence analysis theory, testing projects operation knowledge, and safety protection. The second part was practice, which required the technicians to complete the appointed target content of sixbrown fused alumina section sand samples. Judges would then mark their performances based on accuracy of the results, normalization of their operation detail, and the correctness of the figures.

Sanmenxia Mingzhu  (2)

To guarantee the success of the event, Mingzhu Electric had convened a special meeting to discuss the relevant standard for evaluation. The competition turned a success, which not only provided a platform for testing their professional skills, but also enhanced the technical communication with one another. In summary, the competition has laid the foundation of further improvement of the technicians’ professional testing skills.

Source: Sanmenxia Mingzhu Electric Metallurgical Co., Ltd.
Writer: Hongjuan Hou
Editor: iAbrasive.com

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