Leading Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Manufacturers

Aluminium oxide is a chemical compound of aluminium and oxygen. It is the most common industrial mineral in modern manufacturing. In the industry, it can be made by sintering pure alpha alumina powder in a high temperature furnace. Aluminium oxide can withstand temperatures up to above 1800°. Therefore, aluminium oxide is the raw material that is used to make high-class refractory materials. Besides that, aluminium oxide is of a high hardness, right after diamond and silicon carbide, so it is a great material for making abrasives, cutting tools, grinding tools, etc. In a word, aluminium oxide is an indispensable industrial material in the abrasives and abrasive products industry, refractory materials industry, etc.

According to iAbrasive.com, as the foremost brand in global ecommerce services in the abrasives and abrasive products industry, there are some honest and reliable manufacturers of aluminium oxide. These manufacturers have been through the real-name verification of iAbrasive.com, and the information on their companies and products has shown authenticity and reliability. (As shown in the following picture)

Leading Aluminium Oxide Manufacturers

Leading Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Manufacturers

1. Yichuan Dongfeng Abrasives Co., Ltd.
Dongfeng, as a premier manufacturer of abrasive grains in China, possesses a famous brand—”Li”—and has invested years of great efforts into the brand. All of their products are of high quality and are very popular with their customers. Their products are exported to the USA, Japan, Germany, France, Turkey, etc.

2. CIPIE(Henan)Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.
CIPIE has two professional and large abrasives manufacturing enterprises. They always insist on innovating and developing advanced technology to meet customers’ requirements, which is why they enjoy a high reputation both domestically and abroad. Their products are popular in the United States, Germany, India, etc.

3. Sanmenxia Mingzhu Electric Metallurgical Co., Ltd.
Mingzhu has years of experience in brown fused alumina smelting. Their annual output of brown fused alumina is about 45,000 to 50,000 tons. They have a perfect after-sale service system. If their products have any problem after delivery, they can be traced back to the manufacturer.

4. Yichuan Shengyu Fireproof Material Co., Ltd.
With a professional team, Shengyu is capable of supplying brown fused alumina for various applications. They have set a high level quality-control system in place to ensure their products’ quality. Their final goal is to provide more qualified products and humanized services for both new and old customers.

5. Henan Hengxin Industrial & Mineral Products Co., Ltd.
Hengxin is one of the leading suppliers in China’s abrasive and refractory materials. With fifteen years of experience, Hengxin has earned a good reputation worldwide. They have established long-term and stable business relationships with their customers around the globe.

In short, all of the aluminium oxide manufacturers above enjoy high reputations within the industry. You are always welcome to visit their companies, and they sincerely hope to develop a long-term business relationship with you.

Author: Jiaojiao Ma
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