iAbrasive: Notice for China Abrasives Conference & The 59th Alumina and Silicon Carbide Trade Fair

iAbrasive, China’s first e-commerce platform for the exchange of diversified abrasives and diamond tools only, presently claims that China Abrasives Conference & the 59th Trade Fair for Alumina and Silicon Carbide will take place from March 24th through 27th in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province.

The leaders from iAbrasive have assured of the participation at the conference and notify readers with the conference arrangements as following: I Time: March 24th– March 27th, 2014

II Venue: Yangzhou Convention Center (Four Star)

III Reports to be given regarding the development status of China abrasives industry:
> Analyses on China Abrasives Market in 2013–by Senior Consultant Mr. Zhou from China Abrasives Association.
> Research and Development of High-speed Grinding Wheels & Application of New Abrasive in High-speed Grinding Wheels–by Mr. Zhang from Saint-Gobain, Shanghai Branch.

IV Seminars to be held regarding the trade fair of alumina and silicon carbide:
> Saving Energy and Protecting Environment During Alumina and Silicon Carbide Production
> Automation in Manufacturing Resin Bonded Sheet Wheels

Additional services information, users can keep informed at: http://www.iabrasive.com/articles.

About iAbrasive
Founded in 2012, and headquartered in Zhengzhou, China, iAbrasive has achieved dramatic growth in benefiting overseas abrasives buyers communicating with Chinese suppliers at anytime and anywhere. Positioning itself on the whole abrasives industry only, iAbrasive strives to be most professional abrasives trading platform and supply the best abrasives products for you. Link http://www.iabrasive.com to obtain the first news about abrasives industry.

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