First Deal Concluded Through–the Only Abrasives Online Marketplace

iAbrasive, China’s professional e-commerce trading platform for abrasives and diamond tools only, today is excited to announce the successful conclusion of the first deal for fiberglass backing pads from Turkish customers.

According to iAbrasive’s introduction, the supplier is Zhengzhou Zhongyu Metallic Materials Co., Ltd., who has been engaging in the research, development and manufacturing of fiberglass backing pads for more than 16 years. “iAbrasive provides us with generous technical assistance, such as the setup of Online Foreign Trade Store to display products and factory, which pushes for the early conclusion of our first foreign deal.” says Mr.Chen, the General Manager of the company. Generally speaking, fiberglass backing pad, also being called fiberglass baking plate, is defined as the auxiliary but indispensable material in abrasives industry, on which pieces of sanding sheets are bonded to make up the flap discs

Introduction to Zhengzhou Zhonyu
Registered in 2006, Zhengzhou ZY Metallic Materials Co. Ltd. is an entity enterprise specializing in the research & development, manufacturing and sales of fiberglass backings, one-component epoxy resin glue and two-component epoxy resin glue.
The company owns several years’ professional producing experience of fiberglass backings, and has developed series of impregnation equipments which realizes the dipping treatment of multi-layer fabrics simultaneously. To learn more about the supplying and purchasing of fiberglass baking pads, visit:

About iAbrasive
Founded in 2012, and headquartered in Zhengzhou, China, iAbrasive has achieved dramatic growth in benefiting overseas abrasives buyers communicating with Chinese suppliers at anytime and anywhere. Positioning itself on the whole abrasives industry only, iAbrasive strives to be most professional abrasives trading platform and supply the best abrasives products for you. Link to obtain the first news about abrasives industry.

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