Diamonds – More than just stone; a powder as well

Someone comes over and takes a few shiny stones out of his/her pocket, claims them to be diamonds, and then proceeds to crush them into powder. Most people would think of them to be nothing short of crazy. But in actuality, that is just because these people are not aware of the huge diamond abrasive market.

Only about one fifths of all the diamonds mined are used for jewelry. The rest are considered to be useless by jewelers as they are too small, not clear or totally opaque. But these characteristics are not considered as flaws when it comes to the industrial abrasive market.

In our industry of diamond abrasives, the market for diamonds is much different. We do value diamonds very highly, but instead of appreciating features like cut, color and clarity, we prefer to focus on strength and hardness of the stone.
The hardness and strength are greatly responsible to polish, finish and shine hard materials that cannot be treated using traditional tools.

Diamond Powder


While there is a huge variety of good abrasives available in the market like sand and pumice, diamond powder is considered to be a super abrasive material. The reason behind the term is simple; no naturally occurring mineral can match the hardness level of diamond, which means the only thing that can scratch a diamond, is another diamond. Therefore, diamond powder is used in a variety of industrial applications like grinding, polishing and cutting materials that are otherwise nearly impossible to work with.


Diamond powder is used in various industries for cutting, polishing and finishing different materials. It is mostly bonded to tools like sanders, saws and drills to achieve effective and accurate processing of various work pieces.
Various industries that use these tools include the steel, tiles, ceramic and the glass industry. Diamond tools are also popular amongst jewelers who need precise cuts on their gemstones.

Other industries use loose diamond powder for various applications. Due to its features to polish away abrasions and scratches, it has become very popular in various industries.

• In the automobile industry, service workshops use the powder to remove scratches from windshields and other surfaces.
• The powder is also used to clean and shine precious antique collectibles.
• Jewelers use the powder for cleaning and shining dulled gemstones to make them look like new.

There are numerous applications for diamond powder. iAbrasive offers a huge variety of abrasives, machine tools, safety equipment and much more to meet the needs of various industries all over the world.

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