Content Marketing Strategy for Abrasives Foreign Trade

In the previous article Back Links Building Methods for Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO (Two), we talked about articles releasing and some free channels, arousing the interest of many readers. During our research into abrasives foreign trade SEO, content marketing is indeed the most reliable way that is not prone to face large amount of traffic fluctuation caused by search engine algorithm updates. 

Besides, articles are thought to be high quality external links in SEO field, due to three major reasons. First of all, the platform it relies on has a high quality, so does the external link deriving from it; In the second place, the external links, that have to be strictly examined before being published, are not as simple to be gained as in forums or simply leave a link; Last but not least, the rate of delivery by other media being high, the links thus can be distributed into a number of platforms that broaden its breadth.

Meanwhile, content marketing is one of the E-marketing methods we recommend for you. Articles, also called soft advertisement or content marketing, getting its name from its feature, is a perfect match of propaganda contents and meanings. Users can get both what he is interested in and what the planner wants the reader to know. In short, the purpose is reached unconsciously along with both parties’ satisfaction. Compared with direct advertisement, articles have advantages like accelerating product sales, building up brand image and facilitating corporate influence. Advertisement is also called display advertising which always serves as homepage featured brands, products advertisements or special page ads, etc.

Domestic abrasives companies prefer to use content marketing when doing internet or graphic promotion. Most media and websites write articles around enterprise activities such as Top Interview, Corporate Sponsorship, Social Responsibility, New Product Releasing, Product Promotion and Exhibition Participation, etc., along with their own distribution channels, facilitating the spread of good corporate image and brand popularity.

However, no abundant choices have been discovered for abrasives foreign trade content marketing. The only thing we use mostly at the moment is to look for some free channels. We here recommend two paid article-releasing platforms for your consideration: PR Newswire and PR Web, both are relatively high-end channels for content marketing.

PR Newswire, one of the most powerful print media worldwide, initiated its corporate news releasing business in 1954, and now has network agencies in 16 countries and areas, including North and South-America, Europe, Asia and Middle East. Its special relationship with global leading news media enables the connection of clients with audiences from over one 170 countries, in more than 40 languages.

However, Newswire might be a little bit expensive for E-marketing. The basic price for each press releasing is 675 dollars and as usual the reporters are regular receivers of them. As to the extra contents or media links, they will ask for additional fees. If delivering to more reporters, they require more fees. However, they cannot guarantee the reporters will read the news. What we are talking about is the pure text articles issued on Newswire; if you need to add a picture or a video, you have to pay another 395 dollars. The last thing we’d like to make clear is that the published news will disappear after being released and read, they may not be reserved in article database.

PRweb is a subordinate site of Vocus, devoting to news releasing. PRWeb distributes press release to different sites, including major search engines, thousands of news sites, 30,000 reporters and bloggers as well as over 250,000 PRweb registered users. Besides, it also publishes on its press center, where the monthly visits reach to 1,500,000. Meanwhile, you can connect with first-class press media with the help of their channels. Compared with PR Newswire, it has the advantages of lower fees and relatively fixed price, usually you only need to pay 259 dollars for an article with links. If more famous channels are added, it costs 369 dollars for a package, which is much cheaper than PR newswire. What’s more, PRWeb can optimize client’s press issue with pictures and videos to improve network exposure, and its press release will be reserved in database all the time. In this way, when your target customers search for information about your products, the articles in PRWeb database will show up in search results.

Of course, abrasives suppliers & exporters can choose different promotion media according to features in each stage. Generally speaking, Newswire is suitable for companies concentrating on print media publicity, while PRWeb goes in for those focusing on online network media promotion.

Article Marketing is one of the long-term E-marketing methods. The publicity of a qualified article, together with wide spread and influential platform, can have a long-lasting effect. It can both bring the abrasives foreign trade with inquiries and make their brand roots and spreads.

Author: Yaya Lee
Copyright: iAbrasive Official Blog – Abrasives Online Marketing

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