Congratulations on the 30th Anniversary Birthday of China Coated Abrasives Association

China Coated Abrasives Association was born in 1984. With time flying, the vigorous China Coated Abrasive Association has developed into a mature one through thirty years’ efforts. In ancient times, a person of thirty years old is expected to possess independent personality and thoughts. This definition also applies to the growth history of China Coated Abrasive Association.

On May 26, 2014, with the familiar national anthem, Conference organized by China Coated Abrasive Association was opened up in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao. The meeting went smoothly under the auspices of the association’s deputy director, Li Shanyu.

Congratulations on the 30th Anniversary Birthday of China Coated Abrasives Association

Congratulations on the 30th Anniversary Birthday of China Coated Abrasives Association

First of all, Mao Yufeng, the vice executive director of China Machine Tool Industry Association addressed the meeting. He affirmed the remarkable achievements gained by the Association over the past 30 years along with the sustainable and healthy development of national economy. Meanwhile, he also pointed out the newly-encountered problems under new situation. At last, he cordially appealed to the industry colleagues to work together to make China a strong country in the manufacturing of coated abrasive. Then, the meeting awarded the people who had contributed a lot to the industrial development over the 30 years.

According to the meeting agenda, in the afternoon participants listened to the eight professional reports given by the industry representatives. They discussed the future development trends of coated abrasive industry. The meeting successfully ended with the speech named “Integrated Marketing Foundation of Coated Abrasives Foreign Trade” made by Lei from

During the 30 years, China Coated Abrasive Association has witnessed the growth and changes of enterprises, such as bigger factory, more advanced equipment, increasingly automated and large-scale production-line, various product categories. Adding to the prevalence of network marketing, branding consciousness is generating. At the same time, the development of the enterprise also enhances the team of China Coated Abrasive Association. New and old members fuse mutually. China Coated Abrasive Association realized the promise making progress together with every member of the association.

At last, I represent all members of to express our congratulations on the 30th anniversary birthday of China Coated Abrasive Association again and sincerely wish that China Coated Abrasive Association could develop faster and better.

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