Yuxin: Quality Derived from Production Not Detection

“The perfect inspection system is only one aspect of quality assurance. The excellent product quality is derived from production, not detection. We have adopted high-end equipment and carried out strict standards of technology, management and detection which all make a contribution to our good reputation.” 


Interviewee: Han Peng
Title: Sales Manager
Company: Henan Yuxin Abrasives Co., Ltd
Site on iAbrasive: http://sinoabrasives.en.iabrasive.com/

On July 29 iAbrasive’s staff paid a field visit to Henan Yuxin Abrasives Co., Ltd, and the sale manager of Yuxin, Han Peng, accepted our interview. The first time seeing Han Peng, the editor was a little surprised that the sales leader of Yuxin is a beautiful and elegant lady. In the eyes of ordinary people, the sales job is difficult and working overtime is commonplace. Sometimes they struggle with the depression from the failure of a deal. However, the female seated opposite has become general sales manager of Yuxin, and the editor guessed that “She must be very a capable woman”. As the interview went on, that guess was proven true. During the interview, when it came to the production technology and process of their featured product black silicon carbide, sales manager Han Peng explained everything clearly and logically. It is no wonder that everyone admires her. Continue reading

Mingzhu: Strengthen Maintenance in the Summer


In the summer, in order to keep the production line safe, Mingzhu Electric Metallurgical has strengthened the maintenance of its main and accessory equipment of brown fused alumina smelting to effectively ensure the production safety.

Smelting equipment is at high-risk in the heat. In the meantime, the rate of output is at its peak at this time also. This year Mingzhu Electric Metallurgical has placed importance on advancing safety awareness. Mingzhu has changed former normalized management and improved awareness of advanced care and maintenance. Now Mingzhu Electric Metallurgical regularly performs inspections to find potential risks of equipment; and has implemented equipment maintenance and a punishment joint system, which effectively promoted the overall prevention of risks.
As for special smelting equipment, the hidden defect, which cannot be found through “watching, touching, and listening” in the course of inspection, is monitored during operation. With regard to problems found in monitoring, Mingzhu Electric Metallurgical will carry out repair plans in a timely manner to eliminate hazards and ensure that all equipment is in the best possible working order.

Currently, all major and accessory devices are included in management and monitoring, and every production work is in order.

(Source: Sanmenxia Mingzhu Electric Metallurgical Co., Ltd      Writer: Chang Xiaona)