Forward Integration–a Strategic Trend in Abrasives Industry

The internationally authoritative market research corporation—Transparent Market Research recently released a report on abrasives industry, stating that the value chain system has a tendency towards Forward Integration. With the rapid development of the Internet, online marketing has become a prevailing trend for traditional abrasives companies, who are seeking to expand distribution channels and upgrading marketing strategies to build their international brand.  Continue reading

Content Marketing Strategy for Abrasives Foreign Trade

In the previous article Back Links Building Methods for Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO (Two), we talked about articles releasing and some free channels, arousing the interest of many readers. During our research into abrasives foreign trade SEO, content marketing is indeed the most reliable way that is not prone to face large amount of traffic fluctuation caused by search engine algorithm updates.  Continue reading

Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO – Not for Free

From the previous chapters Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO – DOs & DON’Ts (Part I) & (Part II), abrasives suppliers ought to know what can be done with clear direction and what is forbidden. Seen from the articles, we can know that Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO is not for free, we should pay for it. The cost here does not refer to the service fee for outsourcing. Even if your website does not need any external service and don’t buy any software, you do all the work by yourself, there may still be costs, which sometimes might be high.  Continue reading

Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO: Up or Out

Having read through the previous article, abrasives companies may have gained some understanding about the advantages and disadvantages of the methods to improve corporation or product popularity via SEO. In this article, we will explain to you the major causes of ranking and dropdown of traffic in details, which should be paid attention to by abrasives foreign trade SEOers.  Continue reading

Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO –DOs & DON’Ts (Part II)

Continuing with former article Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO – DOs & DON’Ts (Part I), in this article, we are honored to continue the introduction of what is supposed to do, which shall be long pursued by abrasives foreign trade operations who devote to further and long-term development.  Continue reading

Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO – DOs & DON’Ts (Part I)

We have learned from previous articles in our blog about how to take advantages of external links and articles releasing that give readers a positive hint to buy certain products so as to promote one’s abrasive foreign trade brands. There are of course plenty of ways to promote one’s products and foreign trade brands in spite of what iAbrasive have introduced to you. However, it is undeniable that some of them can be cheating.  Continue reading

SEO for Abrasives Foreign Trade Brand Building

By reading the former article Posting Articles for Abrasives Foreign Trade Marketing, those who have their own foreign trade website may have got to know how to choose the proper channels to promote their products and how to choose the proper articles to attract their targeted customers. All of these come to one point that is how to make their own online product brands rank higher than that of their competitors, which can help bring much more orders for them. In fact, on most occasions, the goal of SEO is to bring search flow volume and direct sales of the products. Meanwhile, SEO also can contribute to the enterprise product brand building to some extent. This article is going to introduce the relationship between abrasives foreign trade products brands.  Continue reading

Back Links Building Methods for Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO (Two)

This article continues with the former article Back Links Building Methods for Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO(One). This article is mainly about building back links by posting articles, submitting website address and analyzing the search engines. As for the benefits of these methods, we will introduce in the following articles.  Continue reading

Back Links Building Methods for Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO (One)

By reading the former two articles, you may have known the basic conception and the importance of the back links building and got to know the features the good back links. Then, in the this article, it will introduce how to build good back links and help your websites win “high vote”.
There are quite a few methods to build back links. If you type the keywords such as “back links building” in the blanks of Baidu or Google, you will get a lot of related results as well as different kinds of methods introduced by many talents. However, you had better be careful with these methods, because the methods of back links building are different for different abrasives foreign trade websites. For example, abrasives foreign trade websites are ones for industries, so they should not promote their products or brands on the websites such as travel and food. This article can not help solve all the problems for back links building, although, we iAbrasive can offer you the more detailed methods for your reference.  Continue reading

iAbrasive Opens Up the We-Chat Platform to Share Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO

Focus on to learn abrasives foreign trade marketing knowledge. Those enterprises who are related with the products such as abrasive grains, bonded abrasives, coated abrasives, non-woven abrasives, buffing and polishing, superhard materials, diamond tools, wire brushes, carbide burrs, blasting and peening, mass finishing, machines and power tools, safety products, abrasive accessories, abrasives manufacturing and so on.

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