Survey Report on Abrasives Buyers, as the foremost brand in global ecommerce services in the abrasives and abrasive products industry, has been working hard to provide better services for abrasives suppliers and buyers both in China and abroad. In order to achieve that goal, recently took an online survey of abrasives buyers. The content of the survey included the buyers’ industry, their requirements for abrasives suppliers, how they find suppliers, their comments or suggestions on, etc. The survey results and its analysis are as follows:

1. The survey results about abrasives buyers’ industry and their business type

Abrasives Buyers' Business Type

Abrasives Buyers’ Business Type

The survey results show that 41% of abrasives buyers are in the abrasive products industry. Only a small number of buyers are in construction, machinery, or other industries. 34% of abrasives buyers are manufacturers, and 31% are distributors/wholesalers. As can be seen by this, most abrasives buyers are either manufacturers or distributors/wholesalers. This survey result cannot only help abrasives manufacturers know more about their buyers but also help abrasives buyers know more about their peers and competitors as well, which contributes to their success in the fiercely competitive market.

2. The survey results about abrasives buyers’ requirements for suppliers

Abrasives Buyers' Requirements for Suppliers

Abrasives Buyers’ Requirements for Suppliers

According to the survey, 83% of abrasives buyers focus great attention on the quality of products. In addition to that, the delivery ability of suppliers is very important for abrasive buyers as well, with 41% agreeing that delivery ability is important. Obviously, compared with a product’s brand, factory scale, communication ability, etc., buyers attach greater importance to the quality of products and the delivery ability of abrasives suppliers. Therefore, abrasives manufacturers should always put products’ quality at the forefront and set a high level quality-control system in place to ensure a product’s quality. By following these general guidelines, your product can become popular among buyers both domestically and abroad. At the same time, abrasives manufacturers should insist on innovating and developing advanced technology to improve production efficiency and delivery ability. If these two aspects can be done well, it will become easier to establish long-term and stable business relationships with buyers around the globe.

3. The survey results about whether abrasives buyers are finding desirable and long-term, stable suppliers

Whether Finding Desirable and Long-term, Stable Abrasives Suppliers

Whether Finding Desirable and Long-term, Stable Abrasives Suppliers

The survey results show that 66% of abrasives buyers have found desirable suppliers. However, 31% of buyers still were unable to find a satisfactory abrasive supplier. Among them, 55% of buyers have established long-term and stable business relationships with their suppliers. 31% of buyers have no long-term, stable suppliers. Although these survey results are good for the most part, abrasives buyers still need to find a desirable and reliable supplier in order to establish a long-term business relationship with them; however, it is often not easy for abrasive buyers to find a good supplier. Maybe abrasives buyers spend a long time finding a suitable supplier. Therefore, once they have found a desirable supplier, it would be in the best interests of abrasives buyers to cooperate with them in the long term to achieve a win–win situation.

4. The survey results about how abrasives buyers find suppliers and their comments on

How to Find Abrasives Suppliers

How to Find Abrasives Suppliers

According to the survey, 72% of abrasives buyers look for suppliers through the network and 41% through e-mail. Obviously, the network and e-mail are the main ways that abrasives buyers find suppliers., as the professional online platform of abrasives and the abrasive products industry, is designed to help abrasives buyers find a suitable supplier. According to the survey, 93% of the buyers would prefer to find a supplier on, which suggests that has gained the trust of abrasives buyers both in China and abroad with their great efforts. “I find the information very useful and productive on,” says one abrasive buyer. This is an affirmation for and for all the staff of, and it is a strong motivation to continue to provide the best services for the abrasives suppliers and purchasers that are both in China and abroad.

The above contents are the survey results and analysis on abrasives buyers, which were obtained by the investigation and analysis of, which guarantees the objectivity and authenticity of the data and seeks to benefit both abrasives suppliers and buyers. As a professional online platform of abrasives and the abrasive products industry, iAbrasive always puts honesty at the forefront and persists in providing accurate and reliable information for all abrasive suppliers and purchasers, both in China and abroad. Because of this commitment to integrity, has become popular in short amount of time.

Author: Jiaojiao Ma
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