00. Category & Attribute of Abrasives on iAbrasive.com

Abrasives are extremely commonplace and are used very extensively in a wide variety of industrial, domestic, and technological applications. Common uses for abrasives include grinding, polishing, buffing, honing, cutting, drilling, sharpening, lapping, and sanding[Wikipedia]. Abrasives also have close connection with its upstream industry such asabrasives manufacturing related, as well as downstream industry such as machines & power tools. Continue reading

17. Category of Business Services in Abrasives Industry on iAbrasive.com

Same with other industries, the operation of abrasives industry also needs Business Services, such as accounting, consulting, legal, management, patent, technology, etc.iAbrasive.com offers display zones for those services, detailed classifications are: Abrasive Services, Advertising, Agency Services, Consulting, Design Services, Logistics Services, Project Cooperation, Processing Services, Trade Show Services, Translation Services and Other Business Services. Suppliers may post their related services accordingly under these categories. Continue reading

16. Category & Attribute of Abrasives Manufacturing on iAbrasive.com

Abrasives Manufacturing, the upstream of abrasives industry, include following 4 sub-categories: Production Equipments, Testing Equipments, Raw Materials and Auxiliary Materials. At present, iAbrasive.com has not extracted related key words such as press, screening equipment, meshes, resin, etc. from these categories. Suppliers may post their products under these general categories and applications here temporarily. Once the products quantity increases, there will be further analysis for those key words. Continue reading

15. Category & Attribute of Abrasive Accessories on iAbrasive.com

Abrasive Accessories is supposed to be the largest category on iAbrasive.com, because its covered products are in various varieties and large quantity. However, at present, the Abrasive Accessories collected on iAbrasive.com are still in small quantity, mainly including Backing & Holders, Contact Wheels, Mandrels & Shanks, Expanding Drums, Sanding Blocks, Lubricants and Tapes. Continue reading

14. Category & Attribute of Safety Products on iAbrasive.com

In abrasives industry, Safety Products play an important role in protecting workers from occupational injuries. Most distributors also sell safety products when selling abrasives and abrasive products. On iAbrasive.com, the safety products include Gloves, Goggles, Respirators and Hearing Protection. It is temporarily an independent category, parallel with the ones for abrasives and abrasive products, and there have not been any other attributes except Brand Name and Model Number.  Continue reading

13. Category & Attribute of Machines & Power Tools on iAbrasive.com

Machines & Power Tools are used for grinding, honing, lapping, polishing, buffing, cutting, drilling, sharpening, sanding, etc. On iAbrasive.com, it is divided into two sub-categories: Machinery & Equipment for large or stationary machines, Power Tools for small or portable tools.  Continue reading

12. Category & Attribute of Mass Finishing & Media on iAbrasive.com

Mass Finishing Machine is used for workpiece surface polishing and deburring. On iAbrasive.com, Mass Finishing Machine includes Vibratory Finisher, Centrifugal Disk, Centrifugal Barrel, Rotary Tumbler and Magnetic Finisher. Since current products quantity is small, all above 4 categories simply appear as Type for selecting. During the polishing process, Mass Finishing Machine requires a kind of media such as abrasive grains, tumbling chip abrasives, etc., which are called Mass Finishing Media. They are synthetic inorganic compound of different types and dimensions, and require Polishing Compound during the working process.  Continue reading

11. Category & Attribute of Sand Blasting & Media on iAbrasive.com

Sand Blasting is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive grains onto workpieces under high pressure for surface cleaning or coarsening; Shot Blasting is the operation of shooting abrasive shots against workpieces by rotating centrifugal vane wheels powered by electric motors, to roughen smooth surface, or to change weld tensile stress into pressure stress to prolong the working life of workpieces; Shot Peening is a cleaning operation before surface coating to remove the rust, molding sand, faded paint film of workpieces such as metal products, castings or forgings that are more than 2mm in width or accurate dimension and contour profile are not required, and shot peening is widely used in shipbuilding, heavy machinery and automobile workshops. Continue reading

10. Category & Attribute of Carbide Burrs on iAbrasive.com

Carbide Burrs made of cemented carbide are widely used in the field of machinery, automobile, shipping, chemistry, carving, etc., for purposes as following:
1. Super finishing of various metal mold cavities, such as shoes mold;
2. Crafts and craftworks carving of various metals and non-metals;
3. Burrs and welds removal for the surfaces of casting, forging, weldment, in such as casting, shipping and automobile factories;
4. Chamfering, rounding and groove processing of various machinery parts, pipe cleaning, super finishing for the inner holes of pipes, in such as machinery and repair workshops;
5. Vane wheel runners dressing, in such as automobile engine plants. Continue reading

09. Category & Attribute of Wire Brushes on iAbrasive.com

On iAbrasive.com, Wire Brush is the general term for metal wire abrasives, including not only steel wire brush but also brass wire brush, steel wire wheel, brass wire wheel, iron wire wheel, scratch brush, steel wool, bristle brushes & discs, tube brush, etc. On iAbrasive.com, the detail explanation for the category & attribute of Wire Brushes is as following.  Continue reading

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