Back Links Building Methods for Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO (Two)

This article continues with the former article Back Links Building Methods for Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO(One). This article is mainly about building back links by posting articles, submitting website address and analyzing the search engines. As for the benefits of these methods, we will introduce in the following articles. 

  • Posting Articles

Internet is a free encyclopedia where you can post your articles anytime. For example, all the large comprehensive web portals and the regional or local web portals usually offer the third part free blogs for interactive. Some of them also offer the chance to post articles free of charge. Almost every industry has its own social network service and you can make good use of such kind of service to post articles or topics.

There are also some kind of websites collecting articles. The users can register accounts through which they can post articles. And other webmasters usually refer to these websites for good articles and will reload them on their own websites.

Some websites are sensitive to the articles with links and may delete these links in the approval process. However, as long as you don’t abuse it and the number of the links is proper and meaningful, the rate of your article getting approved will be stable.

Posting articles can be controlled by yourselves, to some extent. And it may be one of the ways to increase the number of the back links of your website. One point to consider for you is that the articles should be post firstly on your website and post them on other websites after they are collected by the search engines. The best way is to link them to the original resource websites, which can help the search engine judge which one is the original version. If necessary, you can edit the original resource and post it on other platforms. In this way, the rate of getting approved becomes big.

  • Website Category Submitting

For the long run, you can submit your website to the open website categories such as However, it takes quite a long time for your website to get approval by this website. It may be half a year or one year or much longer. Dmoz is a free and authority website category and many webmasters are applying to submit their websites on this website. As a matter of submitting time, it takes much longer time for your website to get approval by this website. What’s more, it is still unknown that what are the approval rules of the website. And we suggest that you can submit your website every one month. We believe that your website will be finally approved by the website, finally if you keep doing as we suggest in this article.

Of course, there are category websites that you can submit your website to. As for increasing the numbers of the similar websites, there are quite a few methods. Here, we can introduce two simple methods. One is to use search engine to search the keywords such as “category submitting” or “industry product category” to get many similar websites. The other one is to use the websites like For example, you can put the address of the website and you can get 50 similar websites. You can sift the results one by one. Another example, if you want to find some B2B trade platform, you can type the addresses like, then you can get 50 results similar to iAbrasive. Of couse, there are many methods to increase the number of the similar sources. And we just stop here.

  • Search Engine

As for those who are engaged in the field of global trade, it will be much easier to develop the global business by learning to use search engine to analyze the promotion methods of their competitors. English website promotion workers may have known this method very well. As for the start-up companies, the help of search engine is needed to get to know how to choose the promotion methods within limited time as well as how to win the focus from the same industry. Then what is the method? Surely, it is to analyze the websites of the competitive competitors. In this way, you can find out the promotion methods. If you want to know the details of their promotion methods, you can just Google their company name. In that way, you can get the key. For example, if you want to know the details of iAbrasive promotion, you can type the address: in the search blank. Then you can get the results and you can just analyze them one by one to find out the paid services and the free of charge services. With the help, you can make an unique promotion strategy for your own website. Of course, you need the professional workers do this job for you, because of the large amounts of task. You may find that the search results can up to thousands, and the task is quite hard.

The methods for back links building are many. Considering the differences of the websites, you should find the proper methods for your own website promotion, which is the key of everlasting and efficient promotion strategy.

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