Back Links Building Methods for Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO (One)

By reading the former two articles, you may have known the basic conception and the importance of the back links building and got to know the features the good back links. Then, in the this article, it will introduce how to build good back links and help your websites win “high vote”.
There are quite a few methods to build back links. If you type the keywords such as “back links building” in the blanks of Baidu or Google, you will get a lot of related results as well as different kinds of methods introduced by many talents. However, you had better be careful with these methods, because the methods of back links building are different for different abrasives foreign trade websites. For example, abrasives foreign trade websites are ones for industries, so they should not promote their products or brands on the websites such as travel and food. This article can not help solve all the problems for back links building, although, we iAbrasive can offer you the more detailed methods for your reference. 

  • Online Bookmark

There are quite a few online bookmark services such as Delicious, Google, Favorites, etc. Webmasters can also register an account for these online bookmarks and when their website pages update, they can restore the website addresses of these pages on their accounts of these online bookmarks. Additionally, the online bookmark sharing codes can be added on the pages of the websites, which can help the users restore these pages on their related accounts. In this way, the restored bookmarks can be listed on the related bookmark websites, which can help build back links for these website pages. As it is known that there are quite a lot of users on these online bookmark websites who may be able to find their desired websites according to the hot categories, sections and tags. Even though these online bookmark websites add the attribute of No Follow, they can help bring some click flow for your websites, if your websites have the back links on these online bookmark websites. When the users enter your website through these online bookmarks and find the contents of your website have high quality or are what they want, they will click the links which can help bring the click flow for your website.

  • Blog

There are two kinds of blogs: one is based on the independent domain of the enterprise website; the other one is the free blog offered by the third party. To make it clear, those that are run under their website spaces belong to the first one, such as iAbrasive official blog. While Blogger, Blog, etc belong to the second one.
At present, the webmasters have got to know the importance of the back links. Therefore, now those commercial websites and enterprise websites seldom link to other websites. In fact, there are only a few types of websites that are willing to link to other websites and blog is the easiest one. For the present, it is common that the related blogs’ owners are willing to quote each other’s contents and comment each other’s blog contents. The contents of the blogs are usually about personal opinion in certain topics and are seldom involved in commercial benefits. The blog owners are active in their field of industry blogs and take part in the authority discussion in their industries, which can also help them win quite a few high quality back links.
As for the free blog offered by the third party, you can focus on some famous enterprise blogs related with your products in your field. If possible, you can interact with these bloggers, buy never leave some nonsense words or Ad on the foreign bloggers. As we all know that the method of leaving comments on the blogs is a kind of everlasting promoting strategy and the key of the it is the make-up contents. Then you may ask how to make up the good content. You can read the blog contents carefully and in the process of reading, you may get to know some precious knowledge. Then, if you find some contents hard to understand, you can leave a message of which the content should be sincere and polite. After all, the bloggers are free to give you the reply. If you are lucky enough to win the blogger’s attention, you will be impressed by the blogger, which is thousands of times better than leaving nonsense words or Ads on their blogs.

  • Encyclopedia and Q&A Websites

For the present, the encyclopedia and Q&A websites are very hot. And the common Chinese websites such as Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu Known, Tianya Q&A etc. The common English websites are,, etc. All of these online services usually allow back links which can help the users well check the information. If your website contents are highly related with the targeted terms, then your website will be regarded as the extensive source. For example, you have the unique opinion of the application of abrasives, then you can post it on your website. Or when you browse the pages and find the explanation of certain terms are not complete, then you can apply to reedit them, which can help you win the attentions.
In order to avoid the rubbish back links, these services for terms edition are especially sensitive to adding back links to other websites. Therefore, you had better be very careful with them. And only when your website content are highly related with it, can your pages be regarded as the extensive source. According to many webmasters’ experience, those authority websites indeed have the precious contents and the rate of getting approval on the encyclopedia is not low.

  • Social Media Website

Apart from restoring the online bookmarks, there are still other social media that can be used to help build back links including content sharing and social communication websites.
First of all, it is quite common to quota, recommend and comment the contents of the social media such as the famous media Twitter, Facebook etc. Sharing your website contents on these social media with large amounts of users can help bring quite a few click flow for your websites. If the contents of website pages are interested enough to encourage these users leaving their comments or feedbacks on your websites, then it can help bring back links for your websites indirectly.
Second, although most social media websites make their back links with the attribute of No Follow, yet it is still unknown that how the search engine treat these back links. So the large amounts of click flow on the social media and large numbers of back links may be one of the signals for ranking. There is one fact can help explain this. That is, if you register an account on Facebook or Blogger and add your website links on them, then you may find that your company information are list in the results of Google searching and ranks higher than that of other platforms.
To be continued.

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