Automatic Welding Equipment and Controlled Knife & Surface Grinder Looking for Suppliers

By recent follow-up on the abrasives buyers, has learned that the following buyers are looking for manufacturers of automatic welding equipment and controlled knife & surface grinder. If you can provide the product or you have relevant information about it, please contact with iAbrasive. The detailed purchasing information is as follows:

1. Vincent Conwell from America is looking for Automatic Welding Machine suppliers. (As shown in the following picture)
automatic welding equipment2. Armin Nazari from Iran (Islamic Republic) would like to buy Controlled Knife & Surface Grinder. (As shown in the following picture)
Controlled Knife & Surface Grinder

For abrasives manufacturers: if you have matched products or would like to know more about the above buying requests, please feel free to contact with us. Gold Member of iAbrasive can directly get access to above information on “Latest Buying Request” of homepage.

For abrasives buyers: if you have not found satisfactory manufacturers or would like to look for new suppliers, please visit to browse what you need, or email to us directly, we will make business matchmaking for you.

Contact Information:
Tel: +86-371-86167220
Skype: iabrasive
Twitter: iabrasive

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Author: Jiaojiao Ma
Copyright:–Abrasives & Diamond Tools Market

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