An Interview to Dongtai: Honesty and Faith Matter

It is a profound belief that Shandong province of China is the hometown of Confucius and Mencius as well as the cradle of Confucianism. Chinese often believe that human characters are shaped by the land where they live and also the cultural background. From this sense, for thousands of years Confucianism has been influencing the cultivation of enterprise culture in Shandong and a majority of entrepreneurs hold the belief of running a business in an honest and fair manner.

An Interview to Dongtai: Honesty and Faith Matter

An Interview to Dongtai: Honesty and Faith Matter

“I’m a local here and I’m well influenced by Confucianism.” Gao Zhaodong, the general manager of Dongtai Abrasives Co., Ltd said so. Actually, I have heard a lot about the outstanding achievements of Dongtai before I met with Gao. For example, on the first day of Zhengzhou International Abrasives & Grinding Expo, he made a big deal and the successive creative propaganda in Shanghai International Hardware Show, which attracted much attention of the visitors. I have been wondering how such a people can make a difference in the sluggish market and win a place.

Fortunately, on behalf of iAbrasive, I had an interview with Gao, who is also a member of Coated Abrasives Association on the 30th anniversary in Qingdao. The interview began with a brief self-introduction and a warm smile. I would rather call it a chat than an interview, since I felt free and at home during the talk.

The most appropriate words to describe Gao, in my opinion, can be both polite and elegant. He is a real representative of Shandong entrepreneurs who has adhered to the Confucius Principles of “kindness”, “righteousness”, “propriety”, “wisdom” and “honesty”. As a businessman, he puts “honesty” in the first place.

“‘Honesty’ ” serves as the fundamental element in success, that’s what our team has adhered to.” He said. In production, Dongtai insist to provide the most qualified products even at higher cost and guarantee delivery without any delay. Despite the reputation in the field, Dongtai still conforms to the principle of “honesty” in every deal, which finally gain itself with large numbers of clients and also the excellent public reputation.

According to Gao, he set foot in abrasives industry in 1990s when he set up the company all by himself. At first, the company simply produced sanding belts. It was not until 2010 that Gao found business opportunities in flap discs’ market. At present, Dongtai mainly deals with all kinds of flap discs. For a long time, Dongtai has applied honest production into every manufacturing procedure, which enables its sub-brands (Dongtai, Luyan, Dongrui, Yubo) to receive recognition in both China and abroad countries.

During our chat, I have noticed that another four assistants also attended the conference in the name of Dongtai. The relationship between the boss and the four employees was more of partners’ than superior and subordinate. Mr. Gao said jokingly, “This is a sales group who always dressed in business suits at all occasions, which makes others envious.”

“I like to be with the four young fellows”, he added, “Because It gives me a feeling that I come back to be young again. The power and enthusiasm enable us to cooperate better. We are in an intimate team. Since they believe in me, it is my obligation to make their life better.” Hearing of these words, I have more confidence in the future of Dongtai–it will bright like sunshine!

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