Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO: Up or Out

Having read through the previous article, abrasives companies may have gained some understanding about the advantages and disadvantages of the methods to improve corporation or product popularity via SEO. In this article, we will explain to you the major causes of ranking and dropdown of traffic in details, which should be paid attention to by abrasives foreign trade SEOers. 

1. Changes in Search Engine Algorithm
A number of reasons contribute to decline in ranking, the first of which is the continuous change in Search Engine Algorithm. Google makes hundreds of minor changes in Algorithm each year, and there might be more than once each day. The annual September 27th is Google’s birth date. Google revealed in a celebration party on September 26th this year that it had undergone the largest Search Engine Algorithm updating in three years. Nowadays, it has become a routine for netizens to use Google browsing a website. External websites have also benefited a lot from Google. With the laying out of Hummingbird Algorithm, Google can gain a better understanding of human language concept, rather than a few scattered words. The change is imperative because many netizens will input a complete interrogative sentence in search box.

Meanwhile, Baidu also makes weekly adjustments. SEO technology couldn’t be as effective as it was. Search engine might have increased weight in algorithm on the part that people used to ignore. For example, the amount of external links used to be important several years ago, however, it has changed into the quality win strategy and later anchor texts became more important through the years. As any of those slight changes may lead to fluctuation of website ranking, SEO stuff have to do long-term accumulation so as to pay close attention to changes in Search Engine Algorithm and make improvement for website accordingly.

As a new member of internet marketing team, abrasives suppliers has to be focused on changes in Search Engine Algorithm and take it as one of the important working schedules.

2. Competitors Who Make Unremitting Self-Improvements
One will have large numbers of competitors whatever industry field involving commercial value he is in. If you stop optimizing your website as long as it ranks top, it will surely fall behind later. Because your competitors are sparing no efforts to study your website and trying to increase external links with a high quality while you stop to have a break. As the saying goes, no progress simply means regression. So it is better to pay closed attention to competitors’ next move for SEO stuff to keep ahead.

3. User’s Searching Habits Changing Over Time
Users often change their searching habits over time. Several years ago they had little experience and got used to search for short words; since they know the more detailed information they input, the more accurate answer they will receive. In this way much time can be saved. In addition, the stable increase in the length of search terms on average is obviously seen in Google report. iAbrasive has also done some research into users’ searching habits. The following example is taken to explain the question: within category “abrasive grains” there is a small classification named black fused alumina. Usually people who are not familiar with abrasives may not think of using a complete sentence as “what is the definition of black fused alumina” can receive a searching result as high as 614,000. What’s more, we can find out from the following picture that some companies even make advertisements for the long tail keywords. As iAbrasive has devoted to the study of keywords in abrasives industry, we are likely to rank high when people search similar questions. In this way, our black fused alumina suppliers have more chance to catch users’ notice. Of course, this example is only a tip of the iceberg. We will and have been spared no efforts to increase the links of long tail keywords.

what is the definition of black fused alumina

4. The Varying of Top Search Terms in Certain Fields
SEO dealers are familiar to the top search terms in certain fields, which they pay close attention to. Then they may change the anchor text or article title based on their website as well as products’ features, etc. In conclusion, the purpose is to make the website included in users’ keywords.

5. The Changing of the Internet at All Times
The whole Internet is changing at all times. As old websites shut and disappear, new website emerges. The external link we formerly set up may not be recorded or lose its importance due to the vanishing of counterpart website or the pages being put deeper.

We get these conclusions currently from the process of doing foreign promotion for our members. There are other varying factors. But the whole change on the internet is beyond SEO stuff’s control. What we could do is to proceed from our website, increase as many external links as possible for our websites and online stores and publish more English articles for your reference.

Author: Ray Shi
Copyright: iAbrasive Official Blog – Abrasives Online Marketing

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