Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO – Not for Free

From the previous chapters Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO – DOs & DON’Ts (Part I) & (Part II), abrasives suppliers ought to know what can be done with clear direction and what is forbidden. Seen from the articles, we can know that Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO is not for free, we should pay for it. The cost here does not refer to the service fee for outsourcing. Even if your website does not need any external service and don’t buy any software, you do all the work by yourself, there may still be costs, which sometimes might be high. 

1. Labor Cost
Abrasives industry is just a minor one among traditional industries. It is a breakthrough that it has entered foreign trade SEO. If one wants to make a difference over it, invested capital is necessary. Since we choose to promote our foreign website by SEO, our mutual purpose is to bring in substantial clicks and considerable ranks that are being sought. Among these the most obvious is labor cost. Generally speaking, as long as one large-scale optimization is done to a certain website, small changes shall be made at times. Labor cost on this part can be classified into technical department. However, job duties like External Links Building, Website Traffic Tracking, SEO Strategies Amendment, find out Hot Spot construction project content and analyze the reasons for a problem are not disposable, which need specialized SEO stuff. For big sites, a SEO team is needed, whose labor costs are much higher than external service fees.

2. Opportunity Cost
The other factor that is not easily seen is time & opportunity cost. It takes time to increase traffic via SEO, especially for a new website. There is slim chance for a new website to receive a great many traffics, thus the expected results may be seen at least half a year later. However, the opportunity is transient. It is not realistic for some popular sites aiming to take over the market instantly via SEO. If we just wait for half a year, the opportunity is gone. As a result, SEO only goes in for relatively stable websites. The market will not experience tremendous changes in a year’s time.

3. Failure Risk
That whether we can see any effects is a risk of SEO. We have no control over search engines, so no one can assure the final success. Of course there exists website that received no effects despite the cost of time, labor, energy and service fees.

4. Abrasives SEO is a Long-term Strategy
Due to the fact that abrasives suppliers have limited access to SEO, the field’s foreign website started late. Sometimes we can see abrasives companies complaining about low click rates. People who really know about SEO should know that the implication of it takes time.

Everything has its own laws governing the development of man’s will. SEO is such a long term strategy that we can hardly see any effects in a short period except for special cases in which some less competitive keywords or business giants’ website that attracts social attention. This is the logical result of search engine principle.

It is especially true for website of some scale. Despite the time, energy spent in optimizing the website, it usually takes search engine several months to re-crawl pages of large and medium-sized websites; in addition, indexing and re-accumulate the distribution of weight, external link record and the accumulation of domain name all take along time to be fulfilled.
In short, Abrasives foreign trade SEO is a finance-costing and time-consuming promotion method, whose effect is long lasting.

However, through such promotion, the long-term effect is obtained. After being tried and tested, our foreign website can be trusted by search engine. As long as your website exists, search engine will keep your promotion content, which can always be found out by users. Although services like PPC, Online Advertising and Event Marketing can gain plenty of clicks in a short time, things will go in a reverse direction as soon as you stop using these services.

As the proverb goes, “Opportunities are always for those who are well-prepared”, which serves as a best explanation of the characteristics of abrasives foreign trade. So abrasives foreign trade SEO is the fundamental of your website getting ready for all the competition.

Author: Ray Shi
Copyright: iAbrasive Official Blog – Abrasives Online Marketing

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