Abrasives Foreign Trade SEO – DOs & DON’Ts (Part I)

We have learned from previous articles in our blog about how to take advantages of external links and articles releasing that give readers a positive hint to buy certain products so as to promote one’s abrasive foreign trade brands. There are of course plenty of ways to promote one’s products and foreign trade brands in spite of what iAbrasive have introduced to you. However, it is undeniable that some of them can be cheating. 

In SEO industry, cheating is often called “black-hat SEO”, while legal and honest way is called “white-hat SEO”. Sometimes a webmaster might have mistakenly used cheating without knowing what it is; however, others might have done that deliberately in order to improve their ranks. Cheating results in punishment from search engine, what’s worse; it may even lead to a complete removal of website from the search engine index. Small industry as it is, abrasives and diamond tools started late in the field of e-commerce, it was not easy to set foot in the field, let alone those who have a good master of SEO related techniques. Therefore, most webmasters in abrasives foreign trade industry know little about where the boundary lies between “black hat” and “white hat”, which contributes to their puzzle whether their behavior was close to the limit line of “black hat”.

1. Don’t do things that touch the bottom line of morality and law
For example, some may send group massages that are unfriendly or aggressive. What we most commonly use is to comment on some famous foreign blogs, the anchor texts of the link left are the target keywords on our website. That’s why we often see messages left by “Diamond”, “abrasives”, which aims at ranking high. Whereas, a polite poster is thought to leave his or her real name or at least, screen name instead of the so-called keywords, which may result in the increase of workload that other websites have to delete unfriendly messages. To some extent, it may influence the quality of websites, which obviously belongs to immoral behavior range that IAbrasive’s are strongly against; another example can be those who attack others’ website by hacking and add their own links, which has gone beyond the law, illegal behavior like this is intolerable.

2. No “link farms”
What is a link farm? Let’s put it this way, first we set up several pseudo-original websites, which can be used in exchange for friendly link pages. When all these websites cross linked with one another, a link farm forms. You may ask, what is a pseudo-original website?Assuming that there are two websites named A and B, the two websites shares almost the same content except a few characters. A simple instance, perhaps website A has some words like “perhaps”,”possibly”and a slight change of paragraphs which website B does not have. Websites like these are easy to find out, one just click in to see that there is simply one page with two or three paragraphs that are copied from others. They just put on Google Ad Sense or affiliated program links to leave the whole website an exchangeable link page. It is nothing without some copied content, ads and exchangeable links. These websites is to be punished or even deleted by search engine without exception. Meanwhile, the website masters often feel innocent. These endeavors are both of little use and unnecessary in terms of further development of an abrasives foreign trade website. Once they are punished by the search engine, the consequences would be disastrous. We are not here to create a sensation.

3. No hidden text
By hidden text, we mean that the text can be seen by search engine but invisible to users. Surely these texts are designed in search of engine ranking. More often than not, they contain lots of keywords to improve relevance among texts. Sometimes hidden text has nothing to do with visible information, the simple purpose is to make keywords unrelated to the current page but with a higher CTR rank high. IAbrasive holds no support for it.
4. No hidden link
Similarly, hidden link refers to the link that can be seen by search engine but invisible to users. It might be a page set up by the web master to link to his own one. More frequently, someone may login in other websites and increase a hidden link to his own page in case that the attacked web master discover and delete the link.

5. No blind buying and selling links
External link serves as one of the most important factor of search engine ranking. It is difficult to acquire an external link, however, it costs content of high quality, creativity, time and energy. To be honest, link construction can be the most difficult part in SEO. For an abrasives foreign trade website devoted to further development, it’s the least reliable commercial extension plan that buying and selling links to reach ranks. After all, link-exchange transaction is of high risks and involving pecuniary benefit, which may cause unsafe website connection, thus bringing unnecessary trouble.

To be continued.

Author: Ray Shi
Copyright: iAbrasive Official Blog – Abrasives Online Marketing

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