iAbrasive Updates on Aug. 1st , 2014

1. Recommend display for new Gold Members (Sanhui, Mingzhu, Yuxin) on homepage,
featured page and News page;
2. Change page footer online customer service & SNS icon to online color;
3. Increase notice that all information can be filled in in English to member center
Chinese version company information;
4. Homepage Gold Member recommend show area “How can be here” link be changed into
English Gold Member introduction page;
5. Add “Chinese introduction” switch to “Gold Member” and “Company Verification
service” English pages;
6. Complete log in, check and verification guidance on buyers DB page;
7. Update reminder for mailbox that failed to be verified;
8. Adjust “need quotation” lead-in product detail pop-up box pattern;
9. Correct characters mistakes on some pages;
10. Revise compatibility showing problem of some browser;
11. Revise some bugs.